Nails: Haute in the Heat


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My friend Nichole did my nails again this week for a test at cosmo school. I was very excited about this Haute in the Heat color by Essie, but it didn’t turn out very fabulous. The color was supposed to be a bright pink, but instead it’s a red color that I’m not very fond of. Pink is more my speed than this. I was pretty disappointed, and it’s a brand new bottle, so I am sad that the color was deceiving!


New: In the News


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My friend was flipping through a local newspaper and found this photo of a friend and I. This was taken downtown Greensboro the other week. I’m famous!! Not really, but it is cool. Haha. It’s a newspaper called Yes! Weekly. You should go out and get it and put it on your walls! Lol. Just kidding!

Here’s a better look at the dress I was sporting. It’s from Forever 21 and it’s my newest attire!

New Hair: Mermaid


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A few weeks ago I had my hair bleached at the salon to get it super light so that I could put fancy colors on it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the blonde, but I think people liked it a lot. I was bored with the blonde so I’ve moved on to a bright vivid color instead.


This color is Aqua by the brand Ion. I purchased it at Sally’s Beauty Supply and just did it myself. I am VERY happy with the results even though I know this shade will fade very quickly. I will enjoy it while it lasts. Many people warned me not to do this color since it’s hard to keep up and different, I am glad I took the risk though. I love this and couldn’t be happier!!!!!

Nails: Candy Blue & Glass


At beauty school we have delved into the art of nails!! I love doing nails, I could certainly do them all day. I was very excited to have my good friend Nichole polish me the other day. This blue reminds me of Laffy Taffy, and the little ball looking things on my ring finger are made of glass which I thought was pretty awesome. However, the little circular candy glass balls, or whatever you want to call them, didn’t stay on very well. As soon as I had to use my hands to clean up, they fell right off!

Here’s the coral polish that I put on Nichole:

Used Up Product: Sumptuous Volume Mascara


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I don’t usually wear mascara cause it gets on my nerves since it is usually flaky and brittle feeling, but I liked this mascara alright. It’s called Sumptuous Volume Lifting Mascara and Lash Primer Plus by Estee Lauder It had one side that was a white primer to keep the mascara in place longer. I also thought the primer helped it show up better and thicker looking. Since it’s white, the primer helped littler lashes and the tips of the lashes to show up so that you can make sure you can cover each individual lash! I felt like this mascara made my eyes look huge. I wore it with a smokey eye at concerts. I just might have to repurchase this stuff.

Review: Micheal Kors Leg Shine-Classic


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This is a cool product that I got for Christmas. It’s called Leg Shine-Classic by Micheal Kors and it’s supposed to make you glow! I like the shimmer it gives, you look kind of glittery with it on, not really a tan though. Well, you have to lather on a lot to build it up to look more like a tan, but it won’t make you look super dark or anything. I put it all over though to intensify my natural color. I don’t just put it on my legs because I want to sparkle all over!!


I should have taken a photo of it with the cap off, it looks like a stick of deodorant so it’s easy to apply which is nice because most instant colors are messy or leave unsightly stains. It has a very strong aroma that smells nice like gardenias. You wouldn’t use this stuff to achieve a deep tan though, just use it for a nice sparkle and then shower after you have it on all day because you might feel kind of filmy and you don’t want all the shimmer to come off on your sheets at night. Tell me what you think!

Hair of the Day: Curls


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I usually just wear my hair natural, which is straight, so this was a pretty change. Yesterday my good friend Dana used a marcel thermal iron to put spiral curls in my hair! Marceling is difficult to master, but after a lot of practice it’s super fun to do! She did a wonderful job, didn’t burn me, and all of the curls were tight, shiny, and held for hours. My hair usually won’t hold a curl for more than an hour or two, so it was cool that she got these to stay!! I think it’s because she used Big Sexy Hair finishing spray. I also liked how the curls brought out the gold and red tones in the ends of my hair. I felt like a Disney princess!

Makeup of the Day: Flirty Date


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When you go on a date, you don’t want to wear too much makeup unless you know the person well because you don’t want them to think you are vain or may be hiding something. I like to keep things light and flirty for a first date. After that, you can express yourself more through your makeup.


Here you can see I don’t have on a lot of makeup. I just have on slightly winged liner, mascara, and a pink lipstick and gloss. This way, it’s more natural looking and the person can kind of tell what you look like without any makeup on. I just put on some BB cream by Maybelline under my eyes, Dior liquid liner, Estee Lauder mascara on my top lashes, and Hot Plumb lipstick from the Vivids Color Sensational collection by Maybelline, topped with lip laquer gloss from Victoria’s Secret in the shade Spontaneous. Whatcha think?

Makeup of the Day: Navy Blue and Rose


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This is a colorful smokey eye made possible by the Urban Decay Electric palette. The colors Chaos and Jilted were used in case you have this palette and want to recreate the look. The pink is kind of a darker rose shade and the blue is really a lot brighter looking until it was mixed with the pink shade! The lipstick is my new nude shade by Make up Forever Professional Paris and on top of that I have the Anime lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Notice how I only put the neon pink anime shade in the center of my lip for a soft and simple romantic flair.

Let me know what you think. Comment or like!!


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