Review: Dermalogica UltraCalming Kit


Since I’ve been in beauty school, I’ve been getting facials every month, and sometimes more frequent than that! At first I was hesitant because I was afraid it would cause me to break out, but it’s actually helped my skin a lot! I feel like my skin isn’t as oily, and my skin tone seems to look more even. I also bought some of the products that they use at my school so that I can practice using them at home in between my facials. The package I purchased is the UltraCalming Skin Kit from Dermalogica, one of the most well-known skincare companies around the world. The picture is posted above. I decided on the UltraCalming kit which has natural products like Lavender, because my skin is sensitive and turns red easily when it’s irritated.


Above is a photo with me without any makeup after a couple months using this line of products. My skin not only looks good, but it feels soft and nice as well! I will definately continue using products from this line. In the kit, there’s a spray mist that’s kind of like a toner, a pre-cleanser, a barrier protectant serum, and a moisturizing cream. My favorite is probably the pre-cleanser because it does a good job removing my eye makeup. I really like all of it equally though.

New Hair: Atomic Turquoise

I’ve meant to post about this hair for a while now, just been busy. A few weeks ago I got some Manic Panic color from Sally’s in the shade Atomic Turquoise. I just have it underneath my hair and fringe, where the blondish color was. I really love this brand of color because it’s super vivid and doesn’t fade much. I can go a few shampoos without having to touch it up. Also, Manic Panic is a vegan company, so they don’t test products on animals, and the color doesn’t stink or burn or feel harsh because it’s natural.


Makeup of the Day: Bright Eyes

These are eye shadows from the Urban Decay Electric palette. I was practicing my makeup for a concert. I got so tired of years of the plain black Smokey eye, I like reinventing classics. This palette is never boring, all the colors are neon and sure to pop. I didn’t end up wearing this eye to the concert, I guess it reminded me a little too much of what bruising looks like. It was a pretty, glittery bruise though. Lol.


Bag of the Day: Marc Jacobs Tote


I love this tote bag because it’s great for traveling. It’s rather large so it can carry a week’s worth of clothes, along with makeup bags, shoes, and all the other necessary toiletries. It’s made out of a straw like material that just happens to be stain resistant (I know this because my dad spilt coffee all over it while we stayed at The Brexton in Baltimore). Of course Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer, but I’m not biast, it really is a durable tote. It’s adorable too !

Outfit of the Day: Medieval Princess

Recently there was a local elementary school book fair and I had the pleasure of being involved. I got to dress as a medieval princess called, Princess Read-A-Lot from the Land of Books! I wore a royal blue velvet and gold trimmed gown that was completed with a matching headpiece. I braided my hair and pushed back my bangs and then did light, girly makeup. I was channeling Princess Elsa from Frozen. The best part was probably the fact that the little kids thought I was REAL, and I even got a hug! Hopefully I influenced a few of them to read more, since reading is essential for further learning and we use it all of our lives!! It was fun. I wish I could be a princess everyday since I already act like one! LOL.


Halloween ’14


On Halloweeny I had a better time than past years. I have found that most years are over hyped and I end up not doing much. This year was cool though. First, I went to Starbucks to get a Franken-Frappuccino and I had some Ghost Buster themed donuts. The frappucicino was great, it’s chai tea with peppermint, I highly reccommend it! I think you can ask for it any time of year.


I decided to dress up since it had been a few years since I purchased a costume. In fact, this year I didn’t even buy a costume, I just worked with the stuff I have already, and it was last minute. Sometimes things come out better when they aren’t critically planned, and this was one of those times! I decided to be a gothic ragdoll or Annabelle, from the new horror movie simpled called Annabelle. I basically just drew on lashes with eye liner, put black liner in the middle of my lips, and I was ready to go. Then I was ready to go to the movies, where I got to see Annabelle. It was an alright movie, but I was little disappointed that it wasn’t very scary!

Outfit of the Day: Mixed Print Layers


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It’s getting cold out which means more layers. You can be so creative with the layers you choose. I decided to pair stripes, animal print, and plaid. I stuck to neutralistic colors so that it wasn’t too busy. I kept warm and stayed stylish, and that’s what matters! Sweater is Worthington, sheer black shirt and leopard camisole from the Kardashian Kollection, and skirt by Candies.

4 Years on WordPress!

My WordPress account just notified me that I joined this lovely site 4 years ago today!!! I was a bored sophmore student at UNCG when I created this blog. Over the years I’ve made the page more homey and more ME. Shout out to all my followers, thanks for reading my page! I plan to keep on writing about fashion since it’s very dear to me. Keep on showing the love. :)

Here’s the link to my first ever post:

Pastel Peekaboos


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I got my hair colored the other week. I waited a couple months before getting color so that I would regain some integrity within my hair. I think it worked because my hair doesn’t feel damaged from these newly lightened spots. After lightening some hair underneath my auburn hair, then I got some neon pink put on. The pink isn’t very bright, it came out as a pastel color, which is pretty so I like it. I already know what I want to do with it next though! I probably won’t keep it this way very long, but what’s new?! Lol.



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