Outfit of the Day: Plaid and Black


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I haven’t posted in a few days because I was out of state visiting my brother. This is an outfit I wore the other week. It’s just my black sweater and plaid leggings. My makeup accidentally looks kind of vampire-esque, so that’s cool. :p


Sweater and camisole are from Victoria’s Secret, leggings are old so IDK where they are from, and boots are Black Poppy. Lipstick is Red Revival from the Color Sensational Maybeline collection.

MOTD: Animated Eyes


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I was quite pleased with how this turned out. You can do this look for halloween or some other costume occasion.
Tell me what you think. :p


I did my eyes like a cartoon character or anime character today. YES, it looks weird, that’s kind of the point. Not supposed to be super amazing looking, just supposed to look like fictional people!!



Nails: Cotton Candy Pink


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This is my favorite finger nail polish. It’s sooooooooooooo pretty I can’t stop looking at it!! It’s a muted pink pastel color that reminds me of a a raspberry smoothy or cotton candy. I just can’t get over it. I love pastels and how there is no shine, I get tired of regular polishes that are all bright and shiny. This is a great matte spring color especially with Easter around the corner.

Whatcha think?


Review: Pink Lips x 3


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Can you GUESS what my favorite color is?! That’s right, pink. It’s the best color ever created. Lol. I am in love with all these pink products!!!! Read about what I think of these gems below and then tell me what you think.


I just got this lip tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Anime, it’s the color nearest the top in the photo above. I like it because it is all natural, has a very light weight feel to it, isn’t sticky, and it’s neon!! Neon pink is so shiny and vivid. It is a bit messy though, the tube it comes in is strange and you have to be careful it doesn’t drip everywhere. It is very pretty but I wish it stayed on longer, it stains your lips but doesn’t stay on the way I thought it would like after you eat and drink.

The color in the middle is a lipstick from the Color Sensational Vivid collection by Maybeline called Hot Plum. This is probably my favorite lipstick, I’ve had it for a few months and am just now writing about it. I wear it very often because it’s the perfect color to bring out my baby blues and also because it’s different. It is a similar hue to these other pinks, but it has violet mixed in with it to make you stand out. Purple lips are always a statement, but this is a very toned down version of bright lip color. It’s not distracting, you can still wear it on a daily basis without looking like you’re from a freak show. I wish this was a lip tint or stain but it’s just traditional lipstick.

The color featured last in the image above is Lively by Tarte. It’s natural, smells like real peppermint, and feels uber soft when you rub your lips together. It’s a matte color which means it doesn’t have a shine to it. I like matte colors because I don’t have many, although you can pat any lip stick and make it flat. This color has a rose color in it, it’s a darker pink than the other colors, it almost is red. When you apply, make sure to use lip liner so it doesn’t feather out. It will stain your lips but you do need to reapply it after eating and drinking because it fades.

Comments, questions, and suggestions will be accepted at this time! =p

New Products


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Got some new makeup stuff at Sephora! Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner in Perversion, Lip Tar by Obsessive compulsive Cosmetics in Anime, and the matte Lively lip color by Tarte. I will post reviews of these products individually later on! So stay tuned fans.


This is my newest favorite candle from Yankee Candle. It’s called Bahama Breeze and smells like a fruit smoothy. Time to get into the summer mindset right? Alright, comment or like, or whatever!

Outfit of the Day: Camo Crop


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I usually wait till I am more tan to wear little gettups like this, but oh well. It was warm the other day so I decided to take advantage of it and wear summer clothes. I cannot wait to get some color though, I’ve only tanned once so far because it’s not super warm out yet. I bet summer will be upon us before we know it though! Fingers crossed at least.


The crop top is by Kirra, denim skirt is from the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line, and wedge sneaker shoes by Forever 21.

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Outfit of the Day: Lounge Clothes


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Some days you just wanna stay at home and not have to wear real clothes which is fine unless you have things you need to get done. For days like that, there is lounge wear! Today’s one of those days, it’s overcast and blah right now, hoping it will warm up.

Tee shirt, headband, sweatpants, bedroom shoes; Looks comfy and feels comfy. The shirt is from WINGS Beachwear, the sweatpants are from Victoria’s Secret, they’re the campus cut.

Review: VS PINK Lipgloss


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These are lipglosses from the PINK section at Victoria’s secret. They are really shiny and kinda sheer so it works best to wear it over a lipstick unless you’re going for a more subtle look. They smell and taste like candy so that’s always a plus, however they are very sticky so wear cautiously!


The three shades I have are shown above. Some lip gloss brands tend to not have enough variation in color once they are on, but these shades are pretty distinct. I thought the Mochachino one and the Brownie Points color would appear similar in shade once they are on, but as you can see below, they turned out to be their own individual shades. The Mocha is more pink, and the Brownie has a raspberry hue. The Too Hot is a traditional red, it’s bright and must just have rose undertones since I don’t see any orange or dark brown tones in it.


Not only are they shiny and have good pigment, they have sparkles! Except for the red one, I don’t think it’s sparkly. They are pretty transparent though, so if you want a richer, bolder color, I would recommend putting a lipstick underneath. Since they are also sticky, I wouldn’t recommend kissing on anyone or any pets. Save this gloss for a night out with the girls. Lol.

Outfit of the Day: Military Jacket


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This is from going out the other night. I like to wear my military jacket but I don’t like wearing too much black together (got tired of wearing black everyday in high school) so I made sure the jacket was my only dark/black item. I think this would be rather boring without those leggings to be honest. Lol.

Pastel green sweater from Victoria’s Secret, Military Jacket from Forever 21, leopard leggings from Victoria’s Secret, boots by Black Poppy, and Vampira necklace from Etsy.


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