Survey <3 For Busy Holiday Purposes

50 Questions

1. Would you live with any of your current friends? Only a couple of them.
2. What’s your Starbucks order? Usually iced toffee nut!
3. Do you have a lot of small playlists or one big playlist? Several averaged sized ones.
4. Christmas or Halloween? Both at the same time!!
5. Ice Tea or Lemonade? Sweet tea :) I’m southern.
6. Do you keep things in your bra? What bra? ;)
7. Headphones or Earphones? Earphones
8. Do you draw? I used to every day!
9. Can you ride a bike? If it is stationary.
10. Dream hair color? Natural suits me best. I’ve already had every color under the sun.
11. Do you paint your nails? I polish my nails quite often.
12. Do you want any piercings? I think I have all the ones that I want.
13. How are your apps arranged on your phone? Neatly, and I replaced the icons with pastel pink images.
14. Do you have a lucky number? Not really.
15. Are you a fan of Chinese food? Yeppers.
16. Pen or pencil? Pencil.
17. Favorite pattern? Leopard.
18. Hot or cold pizza? Hot!!
19. iPhone or Android? Android all the way.
20. Curly hair or straight hair? Straight, always!
21. Hand written or digital notes? I hand-wrote everything in college.
22. Do you like Christmas lights? Sure.
23. DVDs or Digital copies of movies? Either works.
24. Music on your phone or your computer? Both!
25. Do you use a purse? Of course.
26. What’s your go-to pizza topping? Onions.
27. Do you wear jewelry? Yep.
28. Do you keep a wish list? On pinterest!
29. Do you have a favorite restaurant? PF Chang’s :]]
30. Can you cook? Anyone can, I just prefer not to, lol.
31. Favorite flavor of ramen? Yuck, IDK.
32. Beach or Boardwalk? Beach.
33. Do you have posters in your room? Yes.
34. Are you afraid of spiders? Only if it’s crawling on me.
35. Would you rather dress up or dress down? UP.
36. Do you use sticky notes? Sometimes.
37. Long or short hair? LONG.
38. Ankle socks or knee socks? Knee!!
39. What does your backpack look like? Messanger style.
40. Do you put stickers on your things? It happens.
41. Mints or gum? Gum.
42. Is today a lazy day for you? Right on.
43. How many pillows do you own? A lot.
44. Sleep too much or too little? I sleep a perfect amount.
45. Could you live on your own this very second? Yea, but need to save more to be comfy.
46. Apartment or house? Either one, not picky.
47. Do you like amusement parks? I do.
48. Favorite movie snack? Twizzlers ftw!
49. Do you wear beanies? When it’s cold out.
50. Dogs or cats? Equal to me.

Outfit of the Day: Caro in Wonderland


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I wore this to work the other day and it’s probably one of my favorite outfits. I love the little off-white collar and the feel of the lace. It’s very romantic but I like the deepness of the black. It really reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with a gothy vibe which makes it that much more adorbs.


Dress by Bella D, boots are Black Poppy. Victoria’s Secret Pout lipgloss in Eternal Flame. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Marc Jacobs eyeliner.

Nails of the Day: Vampy Sharp


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I took the photo above to show how pointy the nails are, because it’s not as obvious in the other pictures just how pointy and long they actually are. I will say that the pointy-ness is quite annoying if you are used to a more square or squoval shape like I am! I’ve always wanted to try these vampiristic stilleto nails and never got around to it. Now that I have tried it I am kind of over it. They’re pretty but you have to be careful not to stab your eyes or other peoples’ eyes for that matter, and I am not really sure it’s worth it.


I haven’t had fake nails in years, but I decided what the heck! It’s fun to have them since they don’t get weak and break, I almost forgot how nice it feels to have them on. I dread taking them off though since my nails will be so dry and brittle underneath. That’s the price you pay for beauty I guess though! But like I said, I much prefer the squared out nails than these trendy, animalistic talons.


Outfit of the Day: Playful Halloween Cat


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This Halloween I hung out with my boyfriend and watched movies and SouthPark. He said he knew that I would chose to be a cat, I guess I am predictable. Lol. We went to Starbucks so I could try the seasonal Frapula drink which looks like it has blood in it but it’s actually just raspberry drizzled in white chocolate. It was yummy but I liked the Franken frap from last Halloween best.


I didn’t really dress up much since at my work we could only wear something on our heads, so I played it safe with neon pink cat eye makeup, and cat ears that I got at Claire’s forever ago. I would have worn something cooler and more creative if I went out to a party or something. After work I decided to slip on this number. The white stockings are from Spencer’s gift shop, zip up back wire bustier by Victoria’s Secret, mini pencil skirt from PINK section at Victoria’s Secret, and suede wedges by Nine West. Septum from Hot Topic. Urban Decay Electric Palette on eyes. Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!!

Review: Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras


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I got some new sports bras because I hadn’t gotten any new ones in a couple years and I am a member at a gym nearby so I have to look good when I sweat! I love Victoria’s Secret because all of their bras and clothes are super comfy and really cute.


The bras above are all of my new ones! Aren’t they adorbs?! If that doesn’t make you want to work out, I don’t know what will. The first one pictured is a neon orange and pink, spandex racerback that is reversible, which I really dig. It’s nice that there isn’t any padding, but it very snug and feels nice. The grey one is cotton and I had to get it mainly because of the “don’t know, don’t care”, I mean come on, that can be for all the creeps who stare at the gym!! And the last bra is the most sexy one, it’s a padded, deep cut V, teal mesh material, and a fancy, strapy back. If I was in a workout video, this is totes the one I would wear to impress! They all feel really good, but I would suggest going with a size up, since they seem to run small.

Below is one of my older yoga sports bras from VS. It is comfy but a little too tight for my liking and it’s getting old so I am glad I get to replace it. Th


Outfit of the Day: Tunic with Neutrals


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I decided to try and work furniture market after my day job this year, because that’s just something I’ve always wanted to try. (Furniture market is my town’s claim to fame, it happens a couple times a year and is internationally known. Showrooms are put together, there’s lots of fancy looking business people, catered food, music, etc.)It turns out I am NOT cut out for servicing people with food or drinks, so I quit after my first night. Lol, it’s okay, I was really bored and prefer my day job of cutting hair! Not to mention, most serious business people are rude, especially the non-Americans. But that’s none of my bidness.


This is one of my newest tunics, and this was just one of many outfits I tried on before I went to market. I actually didn’t even wear this to market because I was being really indecisive. I haven’t posted an outfit in a while so I figured it was about time.


Makeup of the day: Blue Lips


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Crazy color lips are super on trend. I decided to try out blue to go with my eyes, and also because I don’t like purple and that’s the crazy color most people stick with. I used Urban Decay’s Electric palette to make this color, since I don’t want to purchase an actual blue lip stick (I’d never use it other than for this blog).


Outfit of the Day: 2011 Throwback


I wore this soft, grey sweater dress almost 4 years ago! I had forgotten all about this outfit and just found it in some old photographs on my computer today. The black belt is from the Target kid section, haha.I like the dress but the doleman sleeves are kind of annoying and make me look bigger than I am. I also don’t like that the sleeves are only 3 quarter length, because I am super cold-natured.


I miss wearing all my bracelets. I need to start wearing some again! Wish that chipped fingernail polish was still big now. Those were the days. I can’t wear chipped polish anyways though because that would get caught up in my clients’ hair. Lol.

Jewelry of the Day: Word Necklace


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My mom and I went shopping a few months back and she said she picked me out something that describes me well. It was this necklace, but she hide it from me and gave it to me at a later time, I just can’t remember the occasion. Aww, how sweet, right? Lol. I try not to have many fears, but even if I do have fear, I turn it into something else and go from there. :) This necklace is from Rue 21 and there are some other ones that say things like “I’m so fancy”, if you’re into that. I want one that says “Princess”, because, well, obviously I need it to go with my tiara. Tee hee.

Oakley PRIZM RX Lenses



I have been collecting sunglasses for years now. I have a special bag in my room that holds all of my trendy shades! There’s these new Oakley PRIZM sunglasses that come out today and look pretty awesome!! I can’t wait to try them out and add them to my collection.

Oakley’s full catalog will feature these new sunnies, along with other sports-specific and everyday looks as well. One of the really neat things about the Oakley PRIZM shades is that the lenses are fine-tuned to certain activities like golf, cycling, angling, and baseball. This is because they emphasize colors that the human eye is most sensitive to in specific environments and sport activities.

The main goal of the Oakley PRIZM collection is to improve athletic performance by relaxing the eye and being able to identify the unique demand on vision in varying environments. These sunglasses are actually the first ever in the eyewear industry that are built for such specific sport use!

In order to create these lenses, Oakley used specialized equipment to read wavelengths of light that are present in a variety of settings. A combination of dyes and coatings were used to develop lens that optimize the helpful light and minimize or remove the wavelengths of light that are unnecessary or hinder performance. The Oakley PRIZM lens technology makes them unrivaled in the prescription eyewear business.

These shades are one of a kind and launch today! They range in price from just $276-$322 for single vision, and $379-$494 for progressive lenses (prices don’t include frames.) You can purchase these stylish prescription sunglasses at the Salt City Optics website at:


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