Outfit of the Day: Checkered Sundress


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Ah, the beloved sundress.You can style it alone with some sandals or pair it with a leather vest at night or put leggings underneath in fall. It is a wardrobe essential, but it doesn’t have to be basic!

This is another look from the summer, obviously, since I’d be frozen like a statue if I were wearing just this right now, so just ignore that! I love sundresses just as much as anyone else, however they are usually thin, soft cotton that tends to pic over time and shows wear incredibly bad. That is why I got rid of my old ones *tear* and purchased some newer ones over the summer. This dress is cotton, but it isn’t nearly as soft as the material Victoria’s Secret uses for their dresses. This is from Forever 21, and I love it because it doesn’t snag or degrade every wash, it is sturdy but still looks graceful. It has a pretty brass zipper all the way down the back, and two square pockets in the front that are nice and roomy for a cellphone or makeup, etc. It’s blue and white checkers, which is picnic chic, but also stands the test of time.


I got tan at the beach. It has long since faded, but the photos and memories will prevail!

Outfit of the Day: Beach hair and Suede

This is a look from this past summer. I guess I should post more outfits each month, but I get bored of just posting the same thing. It is far more interesting to post throwback outfits, especially when this kind of outfit is my fave. I get so tired of the winter weather and the same long sleeves and pants. Summer gives you ability to wear the cutest things.


This is from over the summer whilst I visited the beach at Wilmington, NC. The crop top is Forever 21, skirt is my favorite of all time from Max Mara and Miley Cyrus collection, lips by Kat Von D.

Review:Rose Floral Toner


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I tone my face twice daily after cleansing and before moisturizing to ensure soft, refreshed, non-blemished skin. This is a rose infused toner from Sephora by the brand fresh. I like this one because it is very soothing and never burns or irritates my face. If you get flushed or redfaced easily, this is a great toner to calm down the ruddy look. It doesn’t have a strong scent since it’s mostly made up of water, but the rose smell is evident which I think is calming in itself. In the past I have used body wash by the fresh brand that I didn’t like because I believed I was allergic. This rose water doesn’t make me sneeze though so I am open to trying more of their products.. so long as it’s not more body wash.

Outfit of the Day: Texture & Neutrals


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This is a throwback look that I donned a couple months ago when it was still nice and summery. I would say it’s one of my favorites because it’s super pretty, tiny, and very in style for the moment! Neutrals are BIG, I am not sure how long that will last, but IDC, I will always rock them because they are so flattering, simple, and chic no matter the occasion. The bottom is a bit large, so I have to stick out my stomach a little to keep it from sliding. I have a little black pleather crop top that goes with the mini too, for when I want to be matchy-matchy monochromatic!


The crop and pleather skirt are from Forever 21. Tartiest matte lip paint by Tarte.

Bag of the Day:Mint Furla CANDY BAG


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EEEEEEEEP!!!! This shiny delight is pretty enough to eat up. Just look at her!! Yummy, right?!? I received this beaute over last Christmas and it was one of my fave gifts of the year. This pastel green always looks retro and delicate; it’s very ladylike. It is one of the many¬† sweet-colored Candy Bags that Furla offers. If you like this one, check out the ombre colored ones, those are super sleek, or even the sophisticated jet black one makes my mouth water. Hands down, this is one of the prettiest purses. And these smell so good!! I could go on, but I will spare you!



Outfit of the Day: THIS IS HALLOWEEN


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Like the Tim Burton-esque title? Lol. So do I!


So for Halloween at work, I was a medieval princess, but that costume was made for winter weather (it’s velvet) and since it was 80 degrees here in NC, you bet I changed! As I was in the shower debating what to wear for such a hot Halloween, I suddenly remembered I had my mother’s high school majorette uniform from the 70’s !!! It is pictured above, and although it looks way too short, she assured me it is supposed to be that length (they always wore nude tights underneath I think). The polyester was itchy and a bit stuffy, but I wore it most the night!


As we all know, since we are fashion forward, open-minded bloggers here, black lipstick is NOT just for Halloween, especially with the return of -and mainstream acceptance of- grunge 90’s style. I have been wearing black lips for about a year now and nothing feels quit as liberating. I felt like wearing Kat Von D’s studded black lipstick to give the majorette outfit more of an edge and maybe some irony. I love this hue because it is gun-metal, it has a blue/silvery shine to it that does not wash-out one’s complexion.


Sephora has cool shades of polish. I like to do my own nails so I have quite a few of their colors, and I like all of them. This one is a matte black that has glitter in it as well. If you don’t use a top coat, it is very rough, so be careful not to scratch your eye or pic clothing.


Review: Lancome Advanced Genifique


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It is vital to use a moisturizer, creams, and cleansers to prevent¬† wrinkles and not look like Leather Face. It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as it is actually providing adequate vitamins or hydration or smoothness or plumpness (whatever it promises and whatever you’re after), and isn’t any old brand from the drug store. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive product either though. This is a serum that I have been using for a few months.It kind of looks like tears, just a clear gel that you put around your eyes to prevent fine lines. It doesn’t burn or irritate my skin so I am sticking with it. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes, duh! It doesn’t really have a smell and it is light weight, never makes me break out. I recommend it !!

Bag of the Day: Dooney & Bourke


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This purse was all over the pages of Teen Vogue back when I was in middle school. Yes, middle school! It may be older, but it is awesome and hands down one of my faves. I love purses so much and I know that larger ones are trendy but this is one I will never part with.

I remember Lindsey Lohan modeled for this bag back in the day. It was before she turned into the notorious, botched faced, bad egg that we know her to be these days. Lol. I am kidding, she’s not that bad. But, that’s enough about that!

Review: Diamond Mask


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I have been meaning to try a diamond mask for years now and I just now decided to get one. I just found this one at Wal-Mart and I love the little package, it reminds me of sleepovers as a kid. I guess the “diamond” in this mask is really just a glistening mineral or rock, but that doesn’t sound very fabulous, I’ll pretend it’s the real deal! This mask only needs to stay on like 3 minutes, don’t leave it longer or it might sting, if you have sensitive skin like moi! I will say that my face felt very smooth and exfoliated, after use. I also enjoy that it lasts longer than a couple of applications, I have gotten a good 3 or 4 uses out of it and there is still product left. Maybe that is just cause my face is little. No idea. Treat yourself to one of these fun face masks though!! It’s worth it. Treat yo self!


Outfit of the Day: Halter with Stripes


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This is the perfect summer look, I am not ready for the cold weather to arrive, and I know it is coming. I’m taking advantage of my skimpy outfits until the real fall weather hits us! This skirt doesn’t look that great in photos cause the stripes blur together but in person it’s totally cute. I got it at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago and I like the thick texture and I usually tuck a shirt into it since it is a little big in the waist area. I could wear it on my hips, but it doesn’t look as cool as the high waist look. High waist is my favorite spot for skirts since it cinches my waist. The neutral little crop top is from Express, it was too adorbs to pass up so I snatched it at the beginning of spring this year.


I figured the green plants would offer a radiant atmosphere, I think I was right! Pretend I am in the tropics!! I’m wearing some jelly bracelets as well, and I can’t remember the eyeliner, but the lips are Posie K I beileve.