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Back a few years ago I met Rod Ciz, a fellow UNCG graduate (go Spartans!) After doing time at the university, Rod when back to school for film and he now does graphic design. Check him out here: http://rodciz23.wix.com/40handsphotography


I was super psyched that he honored me by sketching a few of my photos. Some of his other muses include Miley Cyrus and model Cara Delaveigne. He looks at the photos and draws them online. It’s pretty chill.


Review: Mary Kay Party


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I went to a Mary Kay party with my best friend Michaelle the other day. It was a lot of fun, all the girls were really cool and smart. We ate muffins, drank coffee, and discussed our future careers. 015 The lip gloss we got at the party were very shiny and had sparkle to them. They are not very thick and would be best over a lipstick since they don’t have a lot of pigment in them. They are mainly for shine. My only issue with these is that they are a bit sticky for my liking. Other than that, I like to wear them with a bright lipstick. The product that I absolutely LOVED was the Oil Mattifier!! When I put it on, it immediately looked like I had on foundation. It made my skin look even toned, smooth, and matte. This stuff actually is a great thing to use daily because it’s not as heavy as foundation, and it helps your face from getting shiny. Usually my face will get shiny a couple hours after I apply makeup, but with this oil mattifier, your skin stays looking fresh and as if you just put powder on your nose. I highly recommend it!!!

Necklace of the Day: Betsey Johnson


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The other month I got this cool Betsey Johnson necklace that can also be worn as a pin, making it a pendant necklace. It would be pretty as a brooch but I think it is fancier on the neck. I like the idea that I can wear it differently though since I’m a versatile person!


Here’s a better look. It’s a gold snake with blue eyes wrapped around a pale pink heart. Maybe it represents both good and evil ( even though I don’t believe snacks to be bad creatures!) Regardless, I think It’s rad. I’m love how Betsey produces girly things with an edgy touch. She’s such a strong woman in fashion!


Above is what it looks like on!


The box is lovely too.

Comment, like, whatever!

Hair of the Day: Mermaid Fleur Updo


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This look was created by my friends Rita and Amber. First, Rita put a roller set in my hair and after it was dried, Amber strategically placed the curls into a romantic, bridal-esque updo. It was a lot like big pincurls, so they looked like flowers. Everyone enjoyed looking at it and after a couple days, when I took it down, people were sad that I didn’t keep it up longer. Good thing I am hard headed though, because there were over 100 bobby pins in my hair!!


Two pieces of hair were left hanging in order to frame my face in a feminine manor and give a less harsh vibe. Blue liner and nude lips from Marc Jacobs cosmetic line. Fur from Forever 21, striped shirt from Victoria’s Secret, boots are Black Poppy.


To keep this style the next day, I had to sleep with three hair nets, two cloth hairbands, and one scarf. It only felt uncomfortable to lay on one side, luckily, so I stayed very still on my other side!


I felt very Audrey Hepburn :)


Cosmetology Graduation


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035 I’ve been super busy trying to finish up my completions for hair school. This weekend was my graduation ceremony! I wore this dress made by Adrianna Papell called Hailey Logan. It is a kind of satin-like material with pink tull underneath, halter top with a cutout below the bust line and a pink zipper in back. I’d say it’s even more charming in person!055 Nude heels are Charlotte Russe. I broke out my Marc Jacobs mascara since it was a special occasion, I usually hate mascara lol. I also used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, D&G liquid liner, Maybeline Eye Studio gel liner, light contour with Estee Lauder bronzer/blush, and Dior color awakening lip balm. More makeup than usual, so I felt kind of itchy. Haha. It was a great day though!!!! I was nominated for student of the year, and got a perfect attendance award! It’s pretty cool I can say I have two degrees now too.  :D wpid-0315151242a.jpg

Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics


This is my newest eyeshadow palette. I decided to go with one of the smaller Naked palettes since it takes a long time to use up one of these things. I love how smooth and weightless Urban Decay shadows go on. They are very pigmented so they don’t fade either. Don’t forget they are vegan too, no animal testing.


Venus is a white shade, Foxy is light beige, W.O.S is a light tan hue, Naked2 is a mocha shade, Faint is a darker brown
color, and Crave is jet black.


Natural eyes using the Venus and w.o.s shades, along with NYX blue liner on the bottom inside rims.

Bag of the Day: Marc Jacobs Satchel


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nikons1 098 I know that these two photos are very similar, but the first image is more true to the actual color of this purse. The second photo is sharper or clearer, but isn’t as true to the color. So when I found this bag I was so excitied, I knew instantly that I had to have it. The color is the turquoise that my friends tend to call ‘my color’ since I wear it so much and even sport it in my hair!It’s genuine Italian leather and even came with it’s own fabric sack to store it in when it’s not in use. Isn’t that cute?! nikons1 100


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