Hair: Waterfall Braid and Curls

The other week my friend Ryan styled my hair. She put curls in it with the Marcel iron and then added a lovely waterfall braid at the crown. Everyone who saw it loved it and exclaimed that it reminded them of a fairy. I made sure to get a photo of the back!! She did a great job.


The curls held for a few days and they were natural looking because of how she used the Marcel. Some people asked if that was my real curl pattern. It was very flower/nymph/ethereal/my little pony princess vibe, not my typical go to look but it was fun to rock while it lasted. What doo should I go for next???


Nails: Seafoam and Lemon


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My very dear friend and fellow cosmetologist, Rita, sat down with me to service me to a nice mannicure and polish session. These are OPI colors, but because they have such odd names, I cannot for the life of me remember what these were labeled. I’m sure with a little help from google I could find out , but it’s not that crucial! The accent nail was all my idea, I thought it would make the teal color pop and it added for a quirky touch as well. Tell me what you think!!!!


Outfit of the Day: Rock ‘N Glam


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Happy Friday the thirteenth everyone!!

My tastes are eclectic and draw from both dark and light sides of life, such as rock and roll and feminine haute couture quirkiness. The other day I went to the mall and this is what I wore. It wasn’t too chilly so I went with my light weight letter jacket that I punked up recently with a  X  (straightedge;drug free) patch and some spikes at the collar. It was missing a touch of something, but now it feels perfectly revamped! The jeans are actually leggings and they came pre-ripped which is cute/careless looking. I’m pretty psyched that they fit too, it’s very hard finding pants that fit, these are a lucky superskinny/short/0 combo that fit like a glove. Still have the same hair. Nude lip color by Estee Lauder, I’ll post the name later after I have time to recall it. Lol.


Letter jacket from Forever 21, jeggings from Rue 21, wedges from Forever 21.

New Hair: Pink and Blue Peekaboo


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I changed up the peekaboo colors in my hair yet again! After having teal for a while, a few months actually, I decided I wanted to add another color to spruce things up a bit. First, I tried a pink color called Cotton Candy by Manic Panic, which turned out too pastel for my liking, so I went with this pretty pink Joico colo this weekr. It actually took a little darker than I thought it would, in the harsh flourescent lights indoors, it looks more purple-ish, and anyone who knows me well knows that I hate purple ANYTHING. Outdoors and in more natural lighting, it is obviously fuschia pink (thankfully.) For right now, this will do. I’m not sure what’s next. I think I know what I’m doing next, but it’s secret for now!!


Makeup of the Day: Seahawk Green


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I’m actually NOT a sports person at all. I don’t even understand the rules in football, but I do know that the Seahawks have pretty colors: Green and Blue! So, this eye makeup is festive for today (it’s the Superbowl). My hair is blue and my eyes have green, yellow, and some silver shimmer. I also put blue NYX eyeliner on the bottom rim of my eye. The vivid eyeshadow is of course Urban Decay, the Electric Palette. oh yeah and, Happy February!!

Check out this Dorito’s Superbowl Contest commercial I was part of four years ago!

Bag of the Day: Betsy Johnson


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nikons1 102

I really like quirky fashion that grabs attention and Betsy Johnson creates the perfect high fashion yet kitsch designs. This is one of my favorite purses. The shape of it is so great, I don’t know why, but there’s something so appealing about the square bags like this. When I doodle drawings of purses, they always look similar to this bag, same shape and often have polka dots or bows! My mom couldn’t have done a better job picking a purse for me. My friends say this bag suits me! Super chic and girly combo.

The polka dots are cream color with irregular boarders, the bow is hot pink, and the texture is kind of grainy and rubbery. It feels good to the touch.

nikons1 104

I took a shot of the inside too. Look how pretty it is. Rose pink flowers on black. Dreamyyy.

nikons1 106

Nails of the Day: Champagne Shimmer


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I try to polish my nails often since doing hair can break nails and stain them. I want them to look as good as possible. I might eventually break down and get fake nails again, but until then, I will just stick to regular polish or gel nails. These nails are gel. I think the color was Honey by OPI. Or was it the one called Passion? I can’t remember right off, but those are similar colors. It was one or the other! Comment, like, etc. I will soon post blog entries with images from my new camera!! Hopefully the quality will be good.

Accessory of the Day: Furry Infinity Scarf


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This is my first post in 2015!! I’ve been busy as usual, and I also got sick around the holidays so I haven’t been on my laptop much. This cool scarf was a birthday gift from my aunt. It’s a cowl scarf, so it is kind of like a cowl neck sweater combined with a scarf. I like these infinity scarves, not just cause they’re super trendy right now, but because you just slip it on and don’t have to worry about one side going lower or flying off and getting stuck on something.

Outfit of the Day: Pink Oxford


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This hot pink shirt can be dressed up or worn casual. It’s a sheer fabric, styled like an oxford button down, and the back is cut out. I think it’s from Belk’s or Dillards. I should have gotten a picture of the back! Oh well. I had it paired with black leggings, gray knee socks by Goldtoe, and nude heels from Charlotte Rouse. Oh yea, I had on my Barbie shoe necklace. It’s from Etsy, made with real Barbie heels.157

Review: Dermalogica UltraCalming Kit


Since I’ve been in beauty school, I’ve been getting facials every month, and sometimes more frequent than that! At first I was hesitant because I was afraid it would cause me to break out, but it’s actually helped my skin a lot! I feel like my skin isn’t as oily, and my skin tone seems to look more even. I also bought some of the products that they use at my school so that I can practice using them at home in between my facials. The package I purchased is the UltraCalming Skin Kit from Dermalogica, one of the most well-known skincare companies around the world. The picture is posted above. I decided on the UltraCalming kit which has natural products like Lavender, because my skin is sensitive and turns red easily when it’s irritated.


Above is a photo with me without any makeup after a couple months using this line of products. My skin not only looks good, but it feels soft and nice as well! I will definately continue using products from this line. In the kit, there’s a spray mist that’s kind of like a toner, a pre-cleanser, a barrier protectant serum, and a moisturizing cream. My favorite is probably the pre-cleanser because it does a good job removing my eye makeup. I really like all of it equally though.


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