Review: Urban Decay All Nighter


I’ve used a couple makeup primers since middle or high school, but sometimes they stung my sensitive skin or felt stiff and tight. This new primer I’ve been into is Urban Decay’s All Nighter makeup setting spray. I’m pretty impressed by it. There’s no sticky or tight feeling, and I haven’t felt it burn at all! I like that it keeps my face looking like I’ve just applied the makeup, even hours and hours later. My skin doesn’t look sweaty and nothing smears. Highly recommend this!

Outfit of the Day: Rad in Plaid


I got this little corset top at Forever 21 many moons ago. I still love it though because it’s pretty adorable. The little skirt is one of my summer go-to pieces, it’s the Max Mara and Miley Cyrus collection. I’m actually a lot more tan in real life than in this photo. Oh well. Lol.


These photos are from July 4th. It was a pretty chill day. I went to Granny’s donuts, a movie, and my parents had a cookout. I ate a whole lot!


Here’s a view of how the corest clasps. I love corsets, but they aren’t the most functional things in my wardrobe. They are cute for a few hours and then I am ready to get into something looser.

Outfit of the Day: Torn up


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I love cutting up my shirts!! There’s something very therapeutic about snipping things with scissors, whether it’s hair or clothes or photos for scrapbooks, it’s super relaxing to me. I took this straight edge shirt that a got a few years ago and made it more fun. It started out a little baggy, not much shape, so I fixed that by making it off the shoulder and drawing attention with  triangular spider web slits.


Urban Decay Electric Palette used on my eyes, Marc Jacobs lipstick. Comment, like, or whatever!

Outfit of the Day: Tea Length Stripes


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I usually don’t wear a dress that’s this length. I guess it’s almost tea length, which can look awkward. It’s best to wear heels or wedges of some kind with a longer dress so you don’t look like the dress swallows you whole! Unless you’re super tall, then you can wear flats. Or not, depending on how intimidating you want to come off! Haha.


This dress kind of reminds me of the Barber Pole, which is cool since I am a cosmetologist! A neighbor gave me this dress a few years back and I decided to keep it since it’s not really my style. I’ve kind of made it my style with my stud wedges and octopus necklace though. I’d like to think that I wear my clothes and they don’t wear ME! I think I own this look, but I’m still not a huge fan of the length! It’s good to change it up every once in a while though. I don’t own a lot of red either.


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Review: Drink Diffuser


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Back around the holidays I got this water diffuser bottle that I had been wanting to check out. It’s turned out to be pretty awesome. I wanted something healthy that tastes good as well. I got sick of bottled water!!

All you do is unscrew the top, chop up some fruit, and dump them in with some fresh, filtered water. After sitting a couple of hours, the water will absorb flavor and sometimes color from the fruit. If the fruits are fresh, you can leave them for about a week before you’ll want to trash it and start over with new fruit and water.


I have tried out a lot of different waters. I’ve made lemon, lime, orange water, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry water,  cucumber, strawberry water, and watermelon, strawberry water! I’ve actually tried more than that, but you get the point. (Yes, there’s a pattern with straberries, I guess they are good with everything!) I would say that my favorite, the sweetest one, is the watermelon water.

There’s health benefits to this diffuser, not just because it’s water, but the fruits are raw and contain vitamins. Lemon is known to help detox the bottle, cucumber hydrates,  and blueberries and strawberries provide anti-aging elements.

Bag of the Day: Best of Both Worlds


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Today I am sharing with you one of my all time favorite purses. I have had this pretty thing since I was a high schooler. It was a gift from my mom. I like how it’s monogrammed. That’s always prevalent in southern fashion. Girls around here love to have their initials or full name on things, I guess we just like to be known, as well as organized!


Book me at blo dry club!


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image I recently started my career in styling at the blo dry club in my home town. We are the first blowout bar in the area! Larger towns are usually where this type of salon is found, there aren’t many places like this around North Carolina, which makes us just that much more unique. If you’re near by, take time to pop in and get glam!

So what exactly are we about?image We specialize in styles, such as elegant updos, boho braids, chic beach waves, and so much more!! We focus solely on styles, we don’t do cuts or color. Bridal parties, girls night out, or just simple wash and dry styles are our thing! image Come in and get your makeup done too! We use a line of cosmetics called Youngblood. The foundation is weightless and the pencil eyeliner has the depth of a liquid liner. Natural or smokey eye, it’s up to you.image There’s a product here for everyone. Fine hair, frizzy hair — Every kind of hair is welcomed at blo dry club! We even have sulfate free, paraben free, vegan friendly hair care. With the help of the right products, we can help you look great and maintain the style for days so that you can stay fab as long as possible!

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40hands Productions by Rod Ciz



Back a few years ago I met Rod Ciz, a fellow UNCG graduate (go Spartans!) After doing time at the university, Rod when back to school for film and he now does graphic design. Check him out here:


I was super psyched that he honored me by sketching a few of my photos. Some of his other muses include Miley Cyrus and model Cara Delaveigne. He looks at the photos and draws them online. It’s pretty chill.


Review: Mary Kay Party


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I went to a Mary Kay party with my best friend Michaelle the other day. It was a lot of fun, all the girls were really cool and smart. We ate muffins, drank coffee, and discussed our future careers. 015 The lip gloss we got at the party were very shiny and had sparkle to them. They are not very thick and would be best over a lipstick since they don’t have a lot of pigment in them. They are mainly for shine. My only issue with these is that they are a bit sticky for my liking. Other than that, I like to wear them with a bright lipstick. The product that I absolutely LOVED was the Oil Mattifier!! When I put it on, it immediately looked like I had on foundation. It made my skin look even toned, smooth, and matte. This stuff actually is a great thing to use daily because it’s not as heavy as foundation, and it helps your face from getting shiny. Usually my face will get shiny a couple hours after I apply makeup, but with this oil mattifier, your skin stays looking fresh and as if you just put powder on your nose. I highly recommend it!!!

Necklace of the Day: Betsey Johnson


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The other month I got this cool Betsey Johnson necklace that can also be worn as a pin, making it a pendant necklace. It would be pretty as a brooch but I think it is fancier on the neck. I like the idea that I can wear it differently though since I’m a versatile person!


Here’s a better look. It’s a gold snake with blue eyes wrapped around a pale pink heart. Maybe it represents both good and evil ( even though I don’t believe snacks to be bad creatures!) Regardless, I think It’s rad. I’m love how Betsey produces girly things with an edgy touch. She’s such a strong woman in fashion!


Above is what it looks like on!


The box is lovely too.

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