Review: Fake Frenchies by KISS

I didn’t have time to get my nails done before my cousin’s bridal shower, so I had to think quick. I went to Beauty World (a new one just opened really close to me, I love the selection!!) I found out they have a great variety of nails you can glue on. Some look like gel nails, and some are short, long, pointed, round, you name it!

The brand is KISS and it said they would stay on a week, however that’s very false. Even with the KISS glue, they were already falling off the next day after applying them. My right thumb nail came off two or three times, and a couple other nails came off, but I was extremely careful! I thought they would stay on more securely.

Oh well, at least they look really pretty and as if I got them done. I will use them again for special occasions but I don’t think I’ll purchase any more.


Nails of the Day: Cotton Candy Pink by Sally Hansen


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I love how these colors are based on Crayola crayons. They were on sale at Ulta in Southern Pines and this was the only one left. It reminds me of a strawberry smoothie, looks yummy.

Shoes of the day: Public Desire Cinderella Heel


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I don’t think they are supposed to be crossed in the front, but I haven’t decided how I like them best. They are pretty comfortable, the transparent style just looks like it would be unstable or hurt,  but don’t judge a book by its cover!

These are my new favorite shoes! I didn’t think I would purchase anymore clear shoes but in person I saw these and fell in love!! They do make feet look larger and you have to pair them with something more conservative for balance. They make me feel like Cinderella, which makes me wanna wear them daily.

Nails of the day: Show Steel-er


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This color is amazing! It’s Sally Hansen’s quick dry polish. It does dry fast, it didn’t even feel tacky. It doesn’t even have a bad smell, it’s almost a sweet scent that definitely doesn’t have the typical chemical aroma you associate with polish.

New: Fairy Hair


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The other day I got pieces of tinsel seen in my hair! I’ve been wanting it for months but my busy summer was in the way of me making a hair appointment!

I picked out pink and blue, and got ten strands put in. They will fall out when my real hair natural comes out of my head. Isn’t that cool?! I really love it.

DIY: Cellulite Cream


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I noticed some females around my age already have Cellulite, which freaked me out. It’s dents on the back of your thighs that look.. Well, lumpy, because it’s fat deposits that make the pocket affect. I’ve read that men don’t really care about this bumpy look, but I would rather keep my legs looking tight and firm than lumpy and loose, for me, myself, and I !

So here’s all I did:

I put some Louanna scentless, tasteless, coconut oil in an old glass jar (glass ensures the mixture will stay fresh), then I added in a couple tablespoons of ground coffee, straight from the coffee container, and then I added in a bit of ground cinnamon. I whipped it together, and that’s it.

The coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and just a good base for at home lotions and creams. Cinnamon stimulates blood flow, hopefully keeping fat from building up in pools! Coffee grounds also promote circulation and exfoliate skin.

Obviously I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if this will help, especially if you already have cellulite! I am doing this in hopes of NEVER obtaining cellulite cause I don’t find it appealing at all. Doing this for the same reason I try to eat right, excercise, get enough sleep, or anything that involves my own personal well being; wishing to preserve my body before anything gets out of hand lol.

Jewelry of the day: You Suck necklace


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Boy, do I wish I could wear this to work! It sums up how I feel about humanity in general! Wouldn’t the clients really understand my true feelings so much better, if only it was approved. Lol. I got this necklace from Claire’s, I guess in high school! It’s still appropriate today though, and always, I’m sure. I wore it to a preppy bar in my hometown, only went out cause my mom and some friends wanted to go. Very fitting! Ha. The place was ultra stuffy, crowded with a bunch of look-a-like boat shoe phonies. But that’s none of my business!! Teehee.

Outfit of the Day: Pink n’ Fish


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Happy first day of June! There’s Severe thunder storms in my area so I had to change into wellies before dinner. I know everyone has a dress with this print, at least down here, but when I found it in a pink shift style last summer, I adored it. It is a nice little beach cover up as well.

My hair is extra cute tonight because I wore it up. It’s just folded up and in to my hair band. Awesome how it looks so nice but it took two seconds to stuff into place! Notice also the Simply Southern croakie for my sunglasses around my neck; it comes to a perfect bow in back. If you were wondering what the print is, it is pink zebras!

How to: Organize a Bathroom Closet


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It’s hard to find things in a closet this large until you have everything put in place nicely.

First off, I went to Ross and TJ Maxx looking for good containers or bins made for storage. I settled with the black and gray rectangle cloth trays you see above with the metal circle in front. It’s hard to see from this image, but the rolled bath towels, as well as hair dryers are living in those rectangles on the bottom shelf. The ones on the other shelf store wash cloths and my wax pot for doing my eyebrows, and the implements that go with that process, along with instant tanners.

The hard, transparent plastic containers hold my hair products, makeup supplies, and other skin care items. It’s helpful in a daily basis because I can see through them and find what I need quickly when I’m getting ready for the morning or night.

Basically, keep the stuff you use once or twice a day, up top or at eye level. Keep the things that you use a couple times a week on the shelf lower, and the lower you go, put the things you don’t immediately use in your regular routine, like extra toilet paper, and cleaning products. It’s pretty simple to keep your washroom neat and ready for read access!

Review: Gummy Bear Candle


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I’m happy that this candle turned out cooler than the deer candle I had reviewed last year. Actually, I never published my review of the deer candle cause I was disappointed at how it burnt, and that the metal Skeleton totally crumbled apart when it was finally revealed!

This one is by Skeleton Candles and they claim to make the best animal candles, on their website. It took maybe six hours to burn all the way to the butt of the bear. After that, I put it in the freezer to get off all the wax, and then I stuck it in the dishwasher to remove all the soot.