Review: Razor heads from WISH


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Last year at Christmas my old co-worker gave me a Venus Embrace, which is a reusable, thick, super sharp and precise razor ‘for women’, although they’re no different than a man’s razor. The blades that came with it were big and they had 4 blades, so it was a very smooth shave! The body of the handle was gel, for a comfortable grip.

When I ran out of the blades that came with it, I decided to order some blades on wish. Com because they popped up randomly, and the price was only like 5 bucks or so for 18, 3 blade razor heads that would fit any nice reusable razors you can find. So I decided I couldn’t beat that!!

The blades work fine, but I will say that they are not as sharp as the razor blade heads that you purchase at stores in the USA. I shave twice a week usually, and can use these razor heads 4 weeks on average. That’s not bad considering the price I paid for them. I do wish that I would have ordered ones that were bigger with more blades, because that would ensure a softer, closer shave than just these 3 blade smaller ones. At least they fit and serve their purpose though!

I would repurchase these. I don’t recommend them for people who shave daily though or if you have thick hair, cause they won’t last long. Next time I plan on buying the ones that are bigger and look like what actually come on the Venus razor, cause those cut a lot closer.


Outfit of the Day: Ruby Soho


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I got these pants recently, from Wish, so they’re not a fancy brand, but they’re pretty comfy so they’re awesome. They’re synthetic leather with fleece on the inside. I think these nude booties are from Fashion Nova. The shirt is Bisou Bisou with a navy Victoria Secret sweater under it and I’m holding my LV neverfull. Red isn’t one of my colors, I hardly wear it, but my family friend from Germany came to town so I dressed up. My necklace is a Sagittarius pearl bow and arrow.

Outfit of the Day: Starlet Scarlet

This is probably the prettiest dress I’ve had on in a long time. This was the dress I rented for the actual wedding day for my cousin. It’s by Dress the Population just like the other dress I got for the rehearsal dinner.

It was super comfortable. The sleeves felt fine, I actually could dance in it. The low back was nice, and the lining on this one didn’t bunch up. It fit like a glove. The sequins were shiny and red carpet worthy.

Outfit of the Day: Matte Sequin Sheath

My beloved cousin Lydia got married this weekend. She’s my first cousin to have a wedding and it was very fun, to say the least! I was honored to do her hair and makeup and it was a nice journey to witness.

I rented this dress for the rehearsal dinner, the night before the big day. It’s a brand called Dress the Population. I was terrified it wouldn’t fit but it was great, just like a glove. I will say the sleeves were uncomfortable, maybe a touch too tight. The lining also made it a chore to use the restroom because it would bunch up! Besides that, the matte finish of the sequins was beautiful and the low cut back was flattering! I think everyone really liked it too.

Halloween ’18

This year I went to a Halloween party with fellow free thinkers from a secular meet up group that I’ve been a part of for a few years. It was a ton of fun and there was a lot of food and also a fortune teller!

I was a gypsy pirate, the head piece was the most fun part because it jangled.

On the actual day of Halloween, I wore my skeleton dress and matching mask.

I’m not sure why I love the Starbuck’s specialty drinks, but I try to snag one every year at this time. This year it was witch’s brew which was super sweet, kinda like fruity pebbles. It was alright, a little too sweet but I really liked the squishy seed parts that were in it, to make it look like eyeballs!

Review: Limecrime’s matte lipstick in Rave

This muted pink-violet is one of my favorite colors even though it doesn’t behoove my complexion, Idc! This formula that Limecrime uses is great! It is super creamy and easy to apply, and doesn’t feel tight or stiff after drying. If you apply too much, it will peel a little.

This color is a dupe for Jefree Star’s Queen supreme hue, but I think this brand is better and I like that you can build this color, it’s not see through like Jefree Star’s lipsticks tend to be.

New: Yankee Candle Haul

These are all of my favorite candles from the Yankee Candle Co. I decided to get them all at the same time because I was running low on candles and with all the hurricane crap around here, it’s always a good idea for back up lighting!!

Clean cotton was probably my first love, as far as scents are concerned. It smells like laundry, and is way more crisp and fresh off a smell than any of the other cotton fragrances. (I don’t like sea island cotton or whatever it’s called, and the plain cotton one is alright but is lacking.) I kind of enjoy the peace and calm of doing laundry, so that’s part of the joy of this scent; clean linens are the best.

I’ve probably written about Pink Sands in college, it’s the main candle I remember having there. I can’t actually explain this scent. It’s almost fruity, but reminds me of all the beach houses I’ve ever visited.


The other candle is pictured above but you can’t see it too clearly, it’s Sun and Sand. It smells just like summer, sunscreen, tanning, and the hot humidity that I love so dearly about the best season of them all!

These are just extra goodies.

New: Lorac and Lime crime Lipstick

The colors are Lorac’s Wisteria, Rave & Utopia which are both Limecrime. They are all matte lipstick that go on liquid and dry off course.

They are brand new, I’ll do a review of them later on. Haven’t been on here lately cause I’m busy. I hope to do more outfit based posts closer to holidays.

Review: Fake Frenchies by KISS

I didn’t have time to get my nails done before my cousin’s bridal shower, so I had to think quick. I went to Beauty World (a new one just opened really close to me, I love the selection!!) I found out they have a great variety of nails you can glue on. Some look like gel nails, and some are short, long, pointed, round, you name it!

The brand is KISS and it said they would stay on a week, however that’s very false. Even with the KISS glue, they were already falling off the next day after applying them. My right thumb nail came off two or three times, and a couple other nails came off, but I was extremely careful! I thought they would stay on more securely.

Oh well, at least they look really pretty and as if I got them done. I will use them again for special occasions but I don’t think I’ll purchase any more.