Nails of the day: Princesses rule!


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I hadn’t had my nails done in maybe three years! So on a short work day, me and Mom went for it. It was a super rainy day and i was in the mood to chill out and afterwards we got Dunkin doughnuts!

Ihate to sit still, and I never let anybody touch my feet, but it was nice to smell the strong aroma that’s so commonly associated with being pampered, nail polish off course. The chemicals are mighty but it’s a nice scent every now and again. A certain feminine quality to the fragrance, maybe because no men are ever present in the nail salon unless they work there!


Outfit of the Day: Monochrome Gris


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I wore this to dinner at Blue Rock Pizza last month. It was unintentional but I ended up in all grey! I hadn’t planned on wearing anything super cute, but I decided to photo it when I realized it was an epic outfit. I probably shouldn’t have worn suede since it was raining, however, the color matched the stormy night perfectly!

Shoes from Wish, purse by Coach, shirt from Victoria’s Secret, hoodie by Forever 21.

Review: NYX Lingerie Matte Lip colors


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Above, I am wearing the Babydoll shade. It is a nice warm nude color that doesn’t wash me out!

I’m so excited with these!! They work just as well as the twenty buck lip colors at Sephora. Seriously, for such an affordable makeup brand, I’m thrilled that these are in the same league as Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D, and Jefree Star.

The applicator is great length, perfect width and long enough, and kind of flat. After a couple minutes, it’s totally dry, and stays on as long as you don’t eat something really greasy. Doesn’t flake unless you rub your lips too much before it dries, or apply too much of the product. Make sure your lips are exfoliated well too so it won’t build up funny and crumble, but that goes for any lip stick really.

New Products: Facial Brush & Facial Stimulator


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I found both of these at Tjmaxx and decided I need to pamper myself more, so why not?

They are both battery operated, at-home facial massagers. Technically the brush is a cleaner too, but anything that stimulates blood flow is anti-aging, and massaging. I like that they are both waterproof, so you can use them in the bath or shower or just at the sink if you’re in a hurry.

If I really like them after using them a while, I’ll do a review!

Perfume of the Day: Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande


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I’m a lucky ducky to have a nice boyfriend who gets me super cool presents all the time! This Sweet like candy fragrance came with a change purse and lotion too. It’s a nice berry scent, strong, but doesn’t knock you down. It lasts pretty well on my skin, and that means a lot to me. I hate it when scents are absorbed into the air! This bottle is beautiful too!


Outfit of the Day: Muted Rose Bodycon


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This is what I wore on Christmas day! It’s a snug fitting dress that’s from the Project Runway collection this year, available at J.C. Penny’s. Kentaro was the winner this year, so they’re his designs. He’s so talented, I was rooting for him!

I loved the color on myself, it brought out my eye color, and it felt pretty comfortable. The front is like a corset so it made my shape very becoming.

Outfit of the Day: Retro Velvet


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I felt like a version of Auora, Belle, or Ariel in this fabulous number. It’s originally from the fifties, it’s velvet with satin trim on the waist, and a bow behind that can be snapped on or off.

I wore this on Christmas Eve and it was a hit! It was also warm enough thanks to the sleeves.


Muse life: John Ryan Photos


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Over the summer I worked with the talented John Ryan Flaherty once more. These are probably the best yet! The bored super model look might be my fave. Lol.

I typically like color photos the best, but some of these show an enormous amount of feeling and should be appreciated raw, for what they are. Hopefully they are an inspiration.

At the moment, before this shoot, I was admiring the females in Pretty Little Liars, and actress/model Cara Delivenge.

John Paton: Rags to Riches


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The other month one of my favorite people passed a way. It came as a shock to the family because even though he was getting up there in age, he was still a sharp old guy, and still in his right mind, and up to date with technology. He seemed much younger than he was maybe because he was not only spry, but young at heart.

He was my great uncle John Paton. I didn’t get to see him as often as his children or grands, but I cherished the memories I would make with him when he would visit from Indiana once or twice a year. And of course, I will always remember the fun family trips to the beach and going to Indiana myself.



He was a great inspiration for me and my brother and my dad, as well as most of my dad’s side of the family. He was a true rags to riches success story, the kind you would usually see on television or read about in novels. You don’t meet people like him very often.

His father, a heavy drinker, had given their mother syphilis, which she never recovered. His two sisters were adopted or taken in by family (the youngest is my grandmother!), and he and his brother lived out their childhood in a children’s home.

When he finally got to leave the oprhanage at 18, he didn’t have a lot of money and joined the military. Later on he became a higher up at Chrysler, and had an awesome life. He was so very generous, and thoughtful, and fun to talk to, as well as witty– probably the most witty person I’ve met. It would be hard for someone to dislike him. Even though he had very conservative political views, it wasn’t something that could keep you away from loving him. He had a spark that nobody could deny, and everyone wanted to get to know him and converse with him because he was so intelligent and entertaining. The life of the party for sure!


The hardships from his childhood years  made him who he was. I have often thought about how his life would have been if he grew up with his parents, and it wouldn’t have developed the same kind, warm, smart, man that we all knew and loved. His father was an alcoholic who gave him and his siblings up after their mother died, yet when John was old enough, he still would visit his father. If that doesn’t tell you about his character and compassion for others, then I don’t know what will. He is a prime example of the good that tragedy can bring out in a determined person. Life threw him lemons, and he made a hell of a lemonade!

RIP uncle John!!!