Hair of the Day: Elegant Metal Bun


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I almost always have my hair down, but sometimes it is just too humid during summertime in North Carolina. If I am going out with my bf I will throw my hair up for a change because there is something flirty about an updo, no matter how simple or messy. My grandmother gave me this pretty bun holder a few years ago. I think it is my favorite hair accessory that she has given to me. It is kind of coll that she used to wear it. I secured it in with a few bobby pins.

Purse of the Day: Furla Crossbody


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A few years ago I saw a few Furla purses at a shop beside the local movie theater. I should have gotten one, but I made the mistake of waiting, and by the time I thought about them again, they were long gone from the store! Luckily, this has been a good year for me in the world of fashion, I am reunited with Furla purses! This is my lovely ballet pink crossbody. Take a moment to bask in it’s glory!! The clasp on it is adorable and easy to open, it has that fantastic plastic-y smell, and it is a great size for concerts or a night at the club. Not to mention it is super shiny since it is cousin to the Furla Candy Bag, which I will be posting about later down the road. Stay tuned.

Review: Kylie Lip Kit


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The hype is here. I finally decided to give Kylie Jenner’s matte lip colors a chance. As I stated a few posts back, I am in love with matte color and have divorced my glosses which I used to use religiously. Matte colors are simply more chic, they last way longer, and so they are worth it. So, what do I think of the Kylie Cosmetics brand?


I will say that I like them alright. However, out of all the brands I have tried, like Kat Von D, Tarte, and Too Faced, Kylie Cosmetics might fall into last place. This is because it seems to cake up a little bit, even when applied thinly spread and very carefully, and I have not had this issue with any of the other brands I mentioned. It feels a little too dry, making your lips feel very tight, which I have not experienced with other brands. The other ones I have tried are creamier. I also noticed that it doesn’t stay on as well as the others, after I eat I feel like a lot of it needs to be re-applied, whereas, I do not have to reapply  my matte colors by Kat Von D or Tarte.


I have grown up watching the Kardashians and I am very fond of them and their half sister, even though I don’t approve of everything she may do in her life, that is neither here nor there. So I am a bit sad that it doesn’t have the same lasting power or smooth creamy kind of texture that I expected. If I wasn’t such an expert on the other top matte brands, I probably would love her product! I just know too much ab0ut the super great products out there, so it makes it sound harsh when I am discussing her line. It’s def. not the worst makeup product I have tried or anything, I was just a tad disappointed. I will still wear it, and probably learn how to better apply it to make it last how I want it to. Maybe I will find a way to keep it from flaking off.


I’ve tried the colors Posie K and Candy K. The color in these images is Posie K.

Review: Febreeze Copycat


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I’ve been on a kick of creativity lately so I am trying to make a lot of products at home to be healthier, save money, and just have fun! There are several ways to make your own fragrance spray. I chose to use just three simple ingredients, and it works pretty well.


All you need…

  • One part Rubbing alcohol
  • Two parts water
  • Essential oils, 5 drops Thrive blend, 5 drops Grapefruit, and five drops peppermint.

Shake it up before use! It isn’t a very strong scent, if you want it to be stronger, put more of the essential oils. The great thing about the essential oils is that they don’t have all the chemicals most air freshener sprays contain, and they help sterilize, along with the alcohol of course! You can also spray it in the bathroom, in the air or straight into the commode.It works better than candles or popourri, and totally covers up foul odors by absorbing them on contact.

How To: Moisturizing Soap


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Soap is expensive, at least the really nice smelling, pretty bottled ones! I’ve read so much about the chemicals in soaps like at Bath and Body Works, it makes me feel kind of ripped off when I do purchase their brand. I decided to try making my own soap. It isn’t all natural or anything, but at least I know everything that I put in it was put in it by me, which is a start to being more healthy.I just kind of winged this and it turned out great, smells awesome too.


So the first thing to do, get an almost empty bottle of anti-bacterial soap, with only like a very small amount of soap left inside.

Then you will want to add all these things…

  • Aloe vera gel, 3 tblspns or so
  • Hand or body lotion, 1 oz.
  • Hair Conditioner, 2 oz.
  • 10 drops of Grapefruit essential oil
  • Water, fill it up the rest of the way!

Then shake it up, pump it out a couple times and make sure it is thick enough for your liking! That’s it, saves time and money and won’t dry out your paws!!


How to: Starbucks Copycat


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I make a lot of smoothie type drinks, and I love coffee so I have started playing around with different recipes. I drink my coffee with half and half, that is my favorite, but sometimes I am in the mood for a different flavor. I usually make up a drink and it turns out being good, but this one is fantastic!! It tastes just like a Starbucks iced coffee.🙂

Here is what you need to blend up:

  • 1 cup black coffee
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tblspn  Salted Caramel
  • Drop of Vanilla Extract OR Peppermint Extract, whichever you like best!
  • 2 heaping tblspns of whipped cream
  • Iced coffee cubes (or just plain ice cubes)

The end result tastes like a mint frappe or a caramel vanilla drink that you’d find at Starbucks. It is sooo good. You have no idea!

Review: Effaclar Duo


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My skin is on the oily side of things, so I try to keep my pores as small as possible and cleanse my face twice a day in order to prevent breakouts. I am a fan of the brand AcneFree for washing my face off (they have a good benzol peroxide one), and I use Cetaphil for a oil-free moisturizer. I like to use Epiduo for a toner, and I have heard that Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay is a great alternative, and a much cheaper way to keep your skin looking clear.It doesn’t have apadapaline in it, which is what seems to make Epiduo work so great, but it does have LHA and benzol peroxide. I haven’t seen a bad thing about it while researching it online, so I am hoping I turn out loving it.


I have only used it a couple times.. so far, so good! It seems to shrink any bumps, the redness goes away, and the overal appearance of the blemish diminishes, just overnight! That’s exactly how Epiduo works, so I am satisfied thus far. Hopefully it won’t dry out my face, but I am looking to only use it when a large bump appears, or for an emergency, at least until I run totally out of Epiduo.

Review: Tarte Coral Blush


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I have been trying to stay away from coral for years now because orange-y colors don’t think look very flattering with my skin tone. That being said, this coral color from tarte is the prettiest looking shade I have found. It isn’t a crazy bright orange that washes me out. It is actually kind of sheer, with a shimmery glitter to it. It isn’t glossy or super matte, but it’s a very natural hue. I like wearing it to the gym since it’s a subtle shade.


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