Review: 3 Deodorants


Everybody wears deodorant.. uh, at least I hope so! For years I used solid deodorant or glide on gel, with antiperspirant, and lately I’ve tried a few new ones.

The first one in the photo above is a powder deodorant that doesn’t include antiperspirant. It is by a brand called Perfect Purity, you can find similar ones at Whole Foods type stores that offer healthy alternatives to our normal hygiene routines. It’s good for straight out of the shower use, especially if you know you aren’t going to be busy or sweating much for a few hours. It’s great after the shower because it doesn’t burn when applied to shaved under-arms, unlike all the other deodorants I’ve tried. It can leave a trail on the floor or dark clothes, so it can be messy if you’re not careful. It’s super light, doesn’t have a strong smell, and isn’t going to last through heavy sweating though so beware.

The second in the photo above is a glide on antiperspirant by Secret. It’s a gel substance and it feels cold to the touch, that is why I enjoy them in the summer, but not as much in the winter. You have to wait a couple minutes for it to dry before putting on clothes, especially dark colored garments. It is better than the solid kind because it doesn’t leave you with flaky white skin or get all over the armpit area in clothes. It’s great for sweating, and the scent is moderate.

The third and final deodorant is in spray form. It’s a new one made by Suave. It has antiperspirant and a nice clean scent, but be careful when spraying it anywhere that offers a breeze or draft, because it will go everywhere. It works just like the glide on deodorant as far as I can tell, you just have to be really sure to spray a few squirts (it takes more than just one or two sprays, I’d say three or four sprays under each arm is perfect if you’re going to be working or sweaty) and also be sure that it goes under your arm and not in a cloudy fog behind you! I guess this is the messiest one, I wouldn’t recommend it to younger kids. Easy to waste it. I kind of feel like I inhale it too, so hold your breath and spray away!




New: Jelly Boots


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Jelly combat boots… If these aren’t the coolest shoes you’ve ever seen, then you’re a liar! See-through everything is my favorite. I have posted several jelly shoes on here so obviously I have a thing for rubber (they smell terrific!!) These adorable shoes by No Call are everywhere on tumblr and Pinterest so I was lucky to come across them IRL. I pair them with bright socks and brace myself for all the compliments. They are durable come rain or snow but they aren’t walking shoes. They aren’t super comfortable and if you don’t wear them with pants or leggings atop your socks, they will dig into your calf, quite sharply. Done the right way though, they are an epic masterpiece in fashion.

Hair of the Day: HUN (Half Up Bun)


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This is a messy casual look. I’m thinking that the best place to wear it for me is the gym, but that is just because I hardly ever wear my hair styled up. My hair is usually down but I was having a bad bang day and decided to change it up.


Notice how nice and big my triceps are in that shirt btw. LOL. I actually enjoyed this boho hair more than I expected. It only took a couple bobby pins. I like how my bangs were falling out of it. Effortless chic. This look is really on trend atm, we will see how long it lasts though! It’s cool and fashionable but probably a risk for many people. It might be one of those things we look back on and shake our heads.


Blue eyeliner by Marc Jacobs, Lancome mascara, magenta mint gloss by C.O. Bigelow.

How To: Best Deep Conditioning Tx


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If you have hair on your head, you should be getting deep conditioning treatments. It is a common misconception that the only people who need a treatment are people that color their hair, but that simply is a myth. The sun damages your hair, as well as the wind, bitter cold winter weather, and blow-drying your hair. Your hair is thirsty even if you don’t realize it, because even if we air-dry our hair or don’t color it, we cannot escape mother nature! So everybody needs to focus on hydration, with that being said, you should look into getting a deep conditioning treatment at your salon at least once a month. You can also purchase the stuff and do it at home, my favorite conditioning treatment is above, and it smells just like vanilla.  All you have to do is mix a nice conditioner such as the keratin infused one above, with an oil, maybe an essential oil from the Matrix Biolage brand, and pull it through your hair in the shower. Put a processing cap (with a washcloth atop it to keep in heat) on your hair while you shower the rest of your body off, then after 15 or 20 mins, take the cap off and rinse your hair. You can feel the smoothness for up to a week! I usually do this once a week.

New: Alegria Boots


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I’ve briefly talked about these shoes a couple posts ago. They are so awesome though, they deserve their own spotlight. These are made by the shoe company Alegria. They used to make bulky, matronly shoes that were so unattractive some people I know referred to them as Frankenstein shoes. Now they have stepped things up (no pun intended) and created a shoe that is not only as good for your posture as the old style but also appealing to the peepers! They are also slip resistant which is important for hair stylists like moi! I really, really like these booties and have been impressed with how comfortable they are. They take all the stress off of my feet, I barely have any tension at all anymore. I highly recommend these if you stand all day at your job!!

Review: Nioxin Hairspray


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I recently discovered this hairspray because we sell it at work. If you like a really hard hold that you can feel, you’ll love it. I really like a stiff hold because I have really naturally soft hair and I like to feel like something is in there working! I keep my hair teased and high everyday, so it’s vital to have a super hard hold that won’t move. This stuff also makes your hair seem thicker, and it smells sweet as well!

Outfit of the Day: Work Attire


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It’s mandatory that I wear all black outfits to work, which can often be demotivating for me since I really love fashion. Usually I wear a range of colors from pastel pink to neon orange when I’m free, so it can be a challenge on work days. I can wear color or prints in outer wear though, so that helps me not totally die from monotony.


The striped sweater is Worthington. I can’t remember where I got the scarf, but it’s my favorite one cause skulls, duhh. Lol. I like to tie it this way to elongate my neckline and add a bit of drama. I like to mix prints too because that’s the opposite of boring.The shoes are my newest most healthiest shoes.They are nursing shoes; I can stand long periods of time at work and not get foot aches! They are the Allegria brand. I def. recommend them!!! I would like some more of them honestly.


How To: Take Care of Suede


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One of my all time favorite materials would have to be suede. I love how soft and smooth it feels, a close cousin to the best ever material known as velvet. *Sigh* So I found out that I could be taking care all my suede shoes! It’s called Scotch Guard.


I wish I would have known about this stuff years ago since I have a ton of shoes that could benefit. Basically, you spray this stuff on (I wore a mask because it’s really strong and can cause you to get nauseous) and then you wait for it to feel dry to the touch and then re-spray. It will keep the delicate material from getting water damage so you don’t have to hide from snow or rain or maybe a mud puddle. Of course I still avoid wearing my nice soft shoes in those conditions, but now I don’t have to worry as much about a spill or something.

Review: Full Bloom


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This product by Sexyhair promises thicker, fuller hair for up to 72 hours and a fresh fragrance that will last 24 hours. It really does make my hair look more voluminous, I’ve received several compliments on the fullness of my hair right after using this. The smell still lingers the next day, which most products can’t say. I just wish it came out in foam form so that it would be harder, I like to feel products in my hair, I know that some people don’t, but I like stiffness since my natural hair is so soft. This sprays out very liquidy and you will want to spray quite a bit to notice the affect. Don’t skimp on it and you will see a difference, just not as drastic of a difference that you would see with a foamy root pump, you can still use it at your roots though and throughout the shaft to see overall thickness.

New: Leopard UGGS


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I got these as a gift for Christmas and am just now getting around to sharing. I love that they have real lamb’s wool on the inside, it makes them so comfy and warm. I’d say that these were one of my favorite gifts I received because they were a nice surprise and I like surprises the best! Also, a fun fact, you can wear Uggs in the summer to keep your feet COOL. Yep, it turns out the wool is not only for winter, it can keep your feet from getting wet with sweat when the weather reverses. I thought that was pretty nifty.


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