Review: Diamond Mask


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I have been meaning to try a diamond mask for years now and I just now decided to get one. I just found this one at Wal-Mart and I love the little package, it reminds me of sleepovers as a kid. I guess the “diamond” in this mask is really just a glistening mineral or rock, but that doesn’t sound very fabulous, I’ll pretend it’s the real deal! This mask only needs to stay on like 3 minutes, don’t leave it longer or it might sting, if you have sensitive skin like moi! I will say that my face felt very smooth and exfoliated, after use. I also enjoy that it lasts longer than a couple of applications, I have gotten a good 3 or 4 uses out of it and there is still product left. Maybe that is just cause my face is little. No idea. Treat yourself to one of these fun face masks though!! It’s worth it. Treat yo self!


Outfit of the Day: Halter with Stripes


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This is the perfect summer look, I am not ready for the cold weather to arrive, and I know it is coming. I’m taking advantage of my skimpy outfits until the real fall weather hits us! This skirt doesn’t look that great in photos cause the stripes blur together but in person it’s totally cute. I got it at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago and I like the thick texture and I usually tuck a shirt into it since it is a little big in the waist area. I could wear it on my hips, but it doesn’t look as cool as the high waist look. High waist is my favorite spot for skirts since it cinches my waist. The neutral little crop top is from Express, it was too adorbs to pass up so I snatched it at the beginning of spring this year.


I figured the green plants would offer a radiant atmosphere, I think I was right! Pretend I am in the tropics!! I’m wearing some jelly bracelets as well, and I can’t remember the eyeliner, but the lips are Posie K I beileve.

Jewlery of the Day: Lipstick Charm


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This is my most recent charm for my beloved charm bracelet. I am finally putting it together after wanting it so long! Stay tuned to see the finished bracelet. I love Juicy Couture!!!! They have such pretty, girly stuff. *Swoon*

Hair of the Day: Elegant Metal Bun


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I almost always have my hair down, but sometimes it is just too humid during summertime in North Carolina. If I am going out with my bf I will throw my hair up for a change because there is something flirty about an updo, no matter how simple or messy. My grandmother gave me this pretty bun holder a few years ago. I think it is my favorite hair accessory that she has given to me. It is kind of coll that she used to wear it. I secured it in with a few bobby pins.

Purse of the Day: Furla Crossbody


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A few years ago I saw a few Furla purses at a shop beside the local movie theater. I should have gotten one, but I made the mistake of waiting, and by the time I thought about them again, they were long gone from the store! Luckily, this has been a good year for me in the world of fashion, I am reunited with Furla purses! This is my lovely ballet pink crossbody. Take a moment to bask in it’s glory!! The clasp on it is adorable and easy to open, it has that fantastic plastic-y smell, and it is a great size for concerts or a night at the club. Not to mention it is super shiny since it is cousin to the Furla Candy Bag, which I will be posting about later down the road. Stay tuned.