Jewelry of the day: You Suck necklace

Boy, do I wish I could wear this to work! It sums up how I feel about humanity in general! Wouldn’t the clients really understand my true feelings so much better, if only it was approved. Lol. I got this necklace from Claire’s, I guess in high school! It’s still appropriate today though, and always, I’m sure. I wore it to a preppy bar in my hometown, only went out cause my mom and some friends wanted to go. Very fitting! Ha. The place was ultra stuffy, crowded with a bunch of look-a-like boat shoe phonies. But that’s none of my business!! Teehee.


Outfit of the Day: Pink n’ Fish


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Happy first day of June! There’s Severe thunder storms in my area so I had to change into wellies before dinner. I know everyone has a dress with this print, at least down here, but when I found it in a pink shift style last summer, I adored it. It is a nice little beach cover up as well.

My hair is extra cute tonight because I wore it up. It’s just folded up and in to my hair band. Awesome how it looks so nice but it took two seconds to stuff into place! Notice also the Simply Southern croakie for my sunglasses around my neck; it comes to a perfect bow in back. If you were wondering what the print is, it is pink zebras!

How to: Organize a Bathroom Closet


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It’s hard to find things in a closet this large until you have everything put in place nicely.

First off, I went to Ross and TJ Maxx looking for good containers or bins made for storage. I settled with the black and gray rectangle cloth trays you see above with the metal circle in front. It’s hard to see from this image, but the rolled bath towels, as well as hair dryers are living in those rectangles on the bottom shelf. The ones on the other shelf store wash cloths and my wax pot for doing my eyebrows, and the implements that go with that process, along with instant tanners.

The hard, transparent plastic containers hold my hair products, makeup supplies, and other skin care items. It’s helpful in a daily basis because I can see through them and find what I need quickly when I’m getting ready for the morning or night.

Basically, keep the stuff you use once or twice a day, up top or at eye level. Keep the things that you use a couple times a week on the shelf lower, and the lower you go, put the things you don’t immediately use in your regular routine, like extra toilet paper, and cleaning products. It’s pretty simple to keep your washroom neat and ready for read access!

Review: Gummy Bear Candle


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I’m happy that this candle turned out cooler than the deer candle I had reviewed last year. Actually, I never published my review of the deer candle cause I was disappointed at how it burnt, and that the metal Skeleton totally crumbled apart when it was finally revealed!

This one is by Skeleton Candles and they claim to make the best animal candles, on their website. It took maybe six hours to burn all the way to the butt of the bear. After that, I put it in the freezer to get off all the wax, and then I stuck it in the dishwasher to remove all the soot.



Hair of the Day: Red Lowlights


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I was called in for jury duty, which I did not want to attend, and thought maybe if I looked different, or like a rebel, that I wouldn’t have to get picked for a trial. The night before I had to go to my summons, I did six foils using Pravana color that is sold at Sally. I don’t recommend doing your own hair unless you are a stylist, like I am!


I honestly don’t like the color red, I’m just too rebellious for my own good at times. It looks fine with my skin tone, but I prefer blue if I have to do fantasy color. I just didn’t have any at home. I’ll bleach this out a bit after a couple weeks.

My lpstick is Prom Night by Jefree Star, and layered on top is one of my Limecrime unicorn toppers!

How to: Store Perfume


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If you have too much crap, it’s best to conceal it away or distract others from realizing how much stuff is laying around. Lol. This fruit stand from Target is perfect for the bathroom or bedroom, and can hold many lotions or perfumes, or anything that takes up too much space. Now me and my bf have a lot more room on top of the chest of drawers.

I looked everywhere, even on Wish, for a cake stand and couldn’t find one!! ( On Wish they sell the stands, without plates, which is no good to me.) I think it would work better, maybe not as pretty, but a lot of cake stands have 3 tiers so it could hold more than this two tier fruit basket. Also, the cake stand has flat surfaces, whereas this fruit basket is rounded like a basket so certain bottles don’t want to stand up on it. Over all though, I like this idea!

Nails of the Day: Sinful Colors in Ruby Ruby


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I don’t like the color red, tbh, it’s so bright and bold and obnoxious, often tacky. That’s just how I feel about the color in general, but it’s one of the three colors I wear to work everyday, so I’m getting better aquainted with it, on the daily. I just polished them yesterday, but they’re chipping slightly because I’ve been doing hair all day!

I bought this color like three or four ago for hair school; we had to polish fake nails on a fake hand and we had to use fire cracker red so it would show up well. Everyone at work has thought it’s pretty though, so maybe I’ll use this hue more in the future! At least it’s shiny and matches my work clothes perfectly, oh yes and also my color blind boyfriend can see it, so that’s cool. It’s his favorite color!

Benefits of franchises in the beauty industry


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After trying out the hair industry in two different franchise companies and two privately owned salons over the last three or four years, I’m now fully aware of the pros and cons of both situations.

I was burnt out at the first franchise, which was a hair salon within, but not affiliated with, Walmart. I liked it in the beginning, and over time I was bored and also sick of the hateful, lower class clients (that was the majority). The clients there were maybe the greatest downfall, because nobody treats people in or around Walmart with much respect, which is demotivating. So I left and started at a private salon, I thought my worries and troubles would lessen, but it was quite the opposite..

After the first couple of months died down and I realized that there weren’t enough clients for any of us who were working there, and that the clients that did come, were still not frequent enough to make a decent living, I felt stuck in a rut. In fact, it was so unstable it was saddening and frustrating, and I was just lucky to have a boyfriend who owns a house (meaning, I don’t have bills, so I could survive on $400 a month, that’s about what it was, give or take.)

After much time thinking and researching, I found out about a hair company that actually cares about their stylists, and it’s evident by the training classes, and the best hourly pay I could find within the industry, not to mention all the girls who I knew that worked there, all talked about how awesome it was to be there…
It’s a salon called SportClips (been around 25 years, idk why I never heard about it in hair school!!) It’s no drama, you get to wear cute shirts and yoga pants or shorts, great tips, no harmful chemicals, and I never have to deal with women, which is helpful since women always have attitudes and think they know everything about hair and would try to tell me how to do my job at other salons. So yes, I recommend this job to anyone who wants to have fun doing hair and make good money, the best tips ever, too!

More info:

The shifts are usually 4-6 hours, and it’s busy enough that the time flies. There’s always at least two people working at a time, so you’re never left alone which is safe and comforting. The prices are worthy enough to keep out riff Raff, so you don’t have to deal with low class, rude people. And my favorite part of all is that the clients check themselves in online or upfront as they walk in, this means the stylists don’t have to pause what they’re doing and go play receptionist. It’s an amazing work environment!

Now I’ve been doing hair for a couple months with this company, my paychecks are getting better and better, and I’m already building a clientele! The girls I work with are friendly and cool too.

It is really depressing that women I know on Facebook who work at private salons, are always part of pyramid schemes or side businesses/second jobs… If they would just come to SportClips, they wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have seen them trying to sell makeup, energy drinks, insurance, etc. That’s how I know they aren’t making ends meet/enough to be happy in their salons, that’s why they have to do side projects.. unless some people enjoy never having free time.. yeah right!

**** People always say, “If you go to a big city, at a super nice salon in the heart of the city, or do celebrity makeup and hair in California, you’ll be rich… Well, let me tell you why that’s unreasonable, and unagreeable to my nature…. ( It’s fine if that’s what you want to do but don’t tell me how to run my life, sweets!)

– I don’t want to move. I like the small town I’m from.

– I would have to do women’s hair to make a ton at a regular salon, and I don’t like women..

– I would have to do time consuming, tedious chemicals (hair colors, highlights, and such) to make that much at a traditional salon, and I don’t want to spend two to four hours with each client, inhaling bleach fumes for bitchy women every day… (Not worth it in my book!!)

– I would have to slave eight hours a day at one of those full service salons, (every Saturday, mind you) doing color, perms, keratin treatments (which are unhealthy to inhale/cancerous) and other high dollar services on women, to make bank….

So my question to you is….

Whywould I leave this fab job, where I only do cuts/shampooing/scalp massages on laid-back, higher class men, finish with every client within 20-25 minutes (I’ve done 21 clients in one day even!), only have to work 25-30 hrs a week (get to have different days off every week, and paid vacation, taxes taken care of for me) and make better tips than doing stupid ass women,and the best paychecks without breaking my little back???

I wouldn’t. 🌞

Thank you for reading all that.

Review: Limecrime Unicorn Lips

Above I’m wearing the shade black unicorn. These lippies can be worn alone or over other matte Lipsticks. These are very matte, and have very little transfer. They are glittery and give a holographic appearance, much like that you would expect from a mermaid. These are perfect for a night out, a rave, or concert. I wore this for my night on the town with old friends! We went to a Japanese steakhouse and laughed so hard everyone in there were looking over!! It was a good time.

How to: Make a Centerpiece


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Friends and family have commented that this reminds them of Beauty & the Beast!

Things to remember when creating a Centerpiece for your home ( in my opinion):

– Texture

Pop of color

– Functional

I am a fan of minimalism as far as decor goes. ( I’ve got way too many clothes to be a minimalist in the aspect of fashion!) I’m on Pinterest a lot, pinning clothes and recipes and some home decor that I find inspiring. I purchased a lantern from Houzz the other month, and I didn’t want to throw a candle in it, I wanted something striking. At first I got a bendable tulip and sat it in the middle, it was cute but basic, very mundane. That’s when I discovered fairy lights. I’ve had LED lights for a while in my bedroom, but never the ones like this. These make everything more romantic, and very pinterest-y! They have a more expensive look than the RGB lights.

They are from Target, and use AA batteries and are made out of copper wire so you can bend and arrange in any shape. It also says on the box that they are weather resistant which is cool! I think I’ll admire this from the inside though. It’s in the dining room for the time being.