Hello Kitty Food Truck Greensboro


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Last month this fun food truck came to town! It was awesome to be around so much pink. They were out of macaroons, but I still got a couple cool things.

I got this metal lunchbox that has a lot of details. It was full of confetti popcorn, which means it’s flavored like birthday cake!

This huge color was basically a sugar cookie with frosting. Very cute, took me a well to eat it all!


Outfit of the Day: Cabby Hat and Waist Cinch


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I decided to give Fashion Nova a try one day when I saw that they had a deal for free shipping. Turns out, I am impressed! I fell in love with this fuzzy, puffy hat that embodies 60’s gogo dancer, and after looking at trendy belts, this Kim K, sexy suspender style one seemed like a great start for my collection. I’m very much in love and the quality is great. No complaints here. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the hat so far and I’ve only worn it a couple times!

Outfit of the Day: LBD Bodycon


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This is one of my favorite dresses! It’s a body contouring dress from the Project Runway collection. It’s definitely a dress that Kim K would rock.

I wore this on Christmas day. I like the keyhole front and the mesh bottom the best.

Jewelry of the Day: Staggered Rings


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I usually don’t like rings but I like the trend of many rings, stacked on most fingers. I got out my rings and paired them with others that would go best. I like simple ones beside of chunky ones, the contrast is nice.

I got these rings for cheap on WISH.

New: Cape Robin Cowgirl Boots


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Look how hot these shoes are!! I love them and they are new to my collection. Metallic pink, pointy toes, white detail on transparent body.. these are perfect in every way. I’ve seen some similar on the runway and was on a mission to find them for months.

I would wear them with socks but it’s freezing outside so there’s no way! Maybe in the spring I can do that. Socks make them extra eccentric though. I told my boyfriend that I’m a space cowgirl when I wear them. Very alien, totally me though. 👽

The black pants are PVC material. I’ll probably do an outfit post with them at some point.

Outfit of the Day: Blush Dress by Victoria Beckham


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I wore this dress for Thanksgiving this year. It doesn’t photo as well as I would like it to.. the color is a muted rose so it just looks faded in photographs.

The dress has bunnies on the collar. They’re realistic looking so it’s super chic. It would be a great Easter dress except for the long sleeves.

Review: Razor heads from WISH


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Last year at Christmas my old co-worker gave me a Venus Embrace, which is a reusable, thick, super sharp and precise razor ‘for women’, although they’re no different than a man’s razor. The blades that came with it were big and they had 4 blades, so it was a very smooth shave! The body of the handle was gel, for a comfortable grip.

When I ran out of the blades that came with it, I decided to order some blades on wish. Com because they popped up randomly, and the price was only like 5 bucks or so for 18, 3 blade razor heads that would fit any nice reusable razors you can find. So I decided I couldn’t beat that!!

The blades work fine, but I will say that they are not as sharp as the razor blade heads that you purchase at stores in the USA. I shave twice a week usually, and can use these razor heads 4 weeks on average. That’s not bad considering the price I paid for them. I do wish that I would have ordered ones that were bigger with more blades, because that would ensure a softer, closer shave than just these 3 blade smaller ones. At least they fit and serve their purpose though!

I would repurchase these. I don’t recommend them for people who shave daily though or if you have thick hair, cause they won’t last long. Next time I plan on buying the ones that are bigger and look like what actually come on the Venus razor, cause those cut a lot closer.