Review:Estee Lauder Luxe Body Creme


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Right now this is on the top of my list as far as lotions go. And trust me- I have a ton of lotions. It is hard to use them all up because often times the scents are so strong, you have to be in the mood to wear them. This lotion is great because there isn’t much of a scent to deal with, if you can smell anything from it, it is almost a light Sprite scent (Yes like the soft drink. Don’t ask! See for yourself!) It is super thick in consistency, it doesn’t itch or burn sensitive skin, and it really hydrates. I use it on my hands before I leave for work and sometimes before bed.

New: Pyro Pet Reindeer


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This was one of the main things I asked for this Christmas season. I have seen these online the past few years, and because of my love for candles, I figured it is a hot item for me! So finally.. I have my paw on the Pyro Pet..


Meet Dyri, the lovable geometric deer candle. You may be asking yourself.. “but why hasn’t he a face?” Well, he is so plain because people like myself purchase these cute wax statues to watch them burn. Quite literally, once he melts down for 24 hours, he will be a gnarly goldish metal skeleton!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. Once I get him melted down, I will snap a photo and write a post. 🙂 Stay tuned. Not only do I have a blue one, I also have a white one at my bf’s house. I am curious to see if they will look the same underneath. Muahahhaha. If they are cool enough, I plan to keep them around as decor!

Outfit of the Day: Fur Vest and Wrap Choker


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I am still really digging this outfit because it’s just oh so sleek. Sometimes by the time I get around to posting about certain garments, I am plumb sick of seeing them. Lol. I wore this out to dinner on my birthday to a Japanese steak house. They asked me to do a chicken dance in order to receive a piece of cake.. which I obliged. Luckily, I am not easily embarrassed… Haha!!

This outfit is appealing for anybody  because of the vertical striping, the long line of the boot, and the elongated choker necklace strings help to draw the eye up and down as well. The vest is irreversible btw!


Vest and leggings are Victoria’s Secret PINK, oxford is Victoria’s Secret, and so is the long gray tank. Boots from Wish. Wrap necklace was a gift. Jeffree Star lips in Androgyny.

Makeup of the Day: Jeffree Star Cosmetics


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I have been meaning to check out Mr. Star’s lipsticks for a couple years. I have been a fan of his since the Myspace days and before he was really that famous at all. Finally, for my birthday this year I got some goodies to try out. I received one lipstick in the shade Beauty Pageant, and four velour liquid lipsticks in the following shades: Androgyny, Leo, Prom Night, Doll Parts, and Queen Supreme.


I haven’t been using them for too long, but I will make sure to write up a nice little review shortly! I am wearing Queen Supreme above, which is my fave. at the moment.

Trending Accessories


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I love cuteness. Anything adorable.. consider my name on it. I love garters and knee socks because they are so cute and fun to wear. In the first photo I am wearing some new baby pink leather garters with small metal spikes and hearts in the center. I purchased them from and they are perf. (So far I have gotten several things from Wish and it’s all been exactly what I wanted and good quality) I have wanted them for years because I always see them when I am looking at fashion online.I know that some people wear them with shorts, but I wore mine under a skirt and with stockings.

The knee socks were given to me as a gift, and they are just a throwback to sports socks. Honestly they make me think of athletic wear of the 80’s because I used to watch Three’s Company and I am pretty sure Janet had some like this. If not, I am thinking of something else from that era. Regardless, they are very sportswear chic. I wore these out with a tunic, chucks, and a baseball hat to give it that grunge, careless vibe.

How To: Reindeer Bun


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At my place of work, we are the most busy around Christmas because we are hair stylists. This means we are super swamped and have trouble finding time to cook and chill out with our families because we work a lot of hours during this time. We all decided to do this hair on each other Christmas Eve day to make the work day go by with more cheer and laughter! It worked and put a smile on everyone! I told people I was a brindle reindeer due to my highlights, tee hee!!!


All you have to do is make a sock bun, tie together some pipe cleaners, purchase googly eyes, and create a nose out of yarn or cotton!!) Simple enough for anybody to try at home. I believe my boss got this idea from Facebook, but she put her own twist on it.


On my eyes I had Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, Urban Decay Basic Naked palette, D&G eye liner, Tarte Beach Bunny on cheeks, and Jeffree Star’s Leo on lips!! Shirt from Victoria’s Secrets online.

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Nails of the Day: Essie’s Secret Story


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Essie has OK fingernail polish, but sometimes I feel like it is too liquidy, like maybe it should be thickened up. I have also had a color that looked pinked and showed up red which I hated. That was a long time ago though. This polish is my favorite color, or close to it. That Barbie pink is what I am always looking for!


I love these bubble rings. I have a blue one too. They are pretty much the only rings I wear because they don’t annoy me. I just wish I could wear them to work but it would be impossible to do someone’s hairdo whilst donning such a huge ring!


And of course, there is my Juicy Couture charm bracelet which is still my top fave. when it comes to wrist bling.

Review: Stuffing and Cobblers


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For Thanksgiving I made peach cobbler, apple cobbler, and stuffing with chicken and french green beans. It was pretty simple, I went by a couple of recipes that I found online. The older I get (not that I am old at all) the more I like to cook and not just bake sweets.

The cobblers were both made with dry cake mix, a stick of butter, and three cans of fruit in heavy syrup baked at 350 for 55 minutes each. Talk about easy! I brought them to work, to my aunt’s house, and to my bf’s house. Everyone said it was one of the best things at all of the gatherings. I will def. make these again.

The stuffing was made in the crock pot for 4 hours on high. I just put chicken breasts at the bottom, piled on a box of stuffing mix, green beans on top of that, and finally, sour cream mixed with cream of celery on the tippy top. Voila, tasty whole meal all at once! It tasted so great. My parents and bf really raved over it. I will be making this again as well. You should have smelled it!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😀

OOTD: Pilgrim Lace


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I shall call this the Pilgrim dress because of the black collar and.. well that is pretty much the only reason why! I wore this for Thanksgiving at my lovely aunt’s house in Charlotte. We get together each year for a nice lunch with an array of tasty treats.


I really dig this dress but I never get the chance to wear it, cause it is one of those that is too fancy for most things. The only thing I really don’t like about it is that it gets caught on everything, like jewelry and fingernails since it is all lace! I had to be super careful and I was still getting snagged on it. I can’t remember where this dress is from. The collar was also pretty tight, especially on a day where I ate a small village, it kind of felt restricting.


These beautiful oxford wedges are newest to my collection I think. They are my second pair like this, and I must say, neither pair are very comfy. Actually, they kind of hurt. They are from Rue 21 but my other ones are another brand. I am surprised this shoe doesn’t feel good because most of my shoes feel fine but oxfords slip off of my heel and seem to get more uncomfortable the longer I have them on. At least they’re pretty though!

Jewelry of the day: Hello Kitty Outline


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My bf got me this necklace. He had me turn around and close my eyes before he presented me with it. And he was sure to mention that is is sterling silver so it won’t “turn my neck green” LOL. That’s cute.