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I wear make-up most days because it makes my skin an even tone and it brightens up my eyes and just keeps me looking fresh. I don’t really understand people who don’t wear make-up. Who doesn’t want to be at their full potential at all times?

Face: My foundation and powder are Clinique. I use a highlighting stick by Neutrogena because it makes my eyes pop.

Lips: Color Sensational has the most vivid lip tints and sticks. However, I am quite fond of Juicy tubes by Lancome because they shine and they are thick and taste good too!!

Eyes: I don’t always wear mascara, I actually hardly ever wear it, which is why I like the clear Maybeline kind best! I try to wear eyeliner everyday because it makes me look more awake and my eyes look rounder. I use Revlon or Maybeline eyeliner.