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If you want to look like a Barbie doll it is simple: it is all about the eyes. Put on your foundation and primer as usual. Put on pink blush. Use Velvet Black Maybelline Expert Wear eye liner on lower rims of the eye, then on the upper eyelid apply Wetnwild’s Mega Eyes in shade 869, it’s a very dark black. Make sure the line isn’t too thick and that it gradually gets thicker as it reaches the outter corners of you eyes. if you want your eyes to pop even more, line the tops and bottoms of your eye with Maybelline EyeStudio in Blackest Black. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with white shadow to make your eyes appear further apart. Above the liner on your eyelid, dab on a vivid color such as purple or pink. For your lashes, put on Estee Lauder’s Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in 01 Black. For lip color, use a bright pink shade such as Pouty natural lip luster crayon stick by Tarte. If you want your eyes to be the main and only focus, put foundation over your lips, then put on a nude or shimmery metalic silver on your lips and finish off with a clear, sparkly gloss such as Smacker’s Whipped Cream lip frosting.

The retro cat eye: Use liquid eyeliner (Wetnwild’s Mega Eyes) and drag it about half an inch, more or less depending how daring you are, to make elegant wings in the corners of both eyes. With this look you want your whole eye to be lined with eyeliner to give you that angelic, mod 1960’s kind of vibe. Mark across the top lashline and have it connect to the lower lash line. On the lower lash line it will be easier to use a pencil liner such as NYC’s 901 Jet Black brow and eyeliner pencil. Finish with a black mascara and pink or red lip color.

For a porcelain china doll image: The main thing you want to draw attention to is your lips! Go for lining the tops and bottoms of your eyes much like the way you would for Barbie eyes, minus the eyeshadow. Make the liner thicker on the top lashline though and add black mascara. Make round pink or peach blush circles on your cheeks. Use more than you usually would. Cover lips with foundation, take a pink or red lip tint stick (Covergirl Outlast) and make a heart in the middle of your lips where the philtrum or indentation in your lips occurs. Make the bottom heart sqaured off. Fill in the heart shape with Color Sensational’s Red Revival. Add a big bow in your hair, wear white, and perhaps a skirt.

Giant Anime Eyes: Put primer and concealer over eyes. Put eyeliner on tops and bottoms of eyes. With a pencil liner, draw a circle in the middle of your eye lid that goes from the very edge of the lashline all the way up to the eyebrow. Highlight the outside of the circle with white shadow. With black eye liner, draw a smaller circle within the large circle but make sure their are two little spaces in this circle that look like tears or even tinier circle shapes and fill them in with white shadow or halloween paint makeup. Within the bigger circle, take a green eye shadow or paint and fill in the whole area from lashline to brow. Glue fake eye lashes onto your eyebrow. That’s all!

To look like the Corpse Bride or any rag doll: Hopefully you will have your wedding attire or ragdoll dress picked out. Dye or spray your hair blue or red, depending on what rag doll you are. Line your tops and bottoms as usual. Wear black mascara. Draw on big lashes under you lower lashes. If you use color face paint, use it as eye shadow too. Pink blush needed. Line lips to make the philtrum or indention in the top lip look deeper than it is. Think cartoon character, like Betty Boop lips!

Now you should be able to recreate all of these doll looks ! Have fun =p