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I love classic movies. That’s an understatement. They put me in a creative, elated mood. I really feel like I can step into the movie and experience everything that’s happening as if it’s real time. One of my favorite old actresses is Joan Crawford. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Crawford) Her role in Mildred Pierce was unforgettable and thrilling. She played a strong film noir femme fatale who worked hard as a single mother and there’s also an awesome murder plot as well! She was a great actress because of her stern voice and expressive, dark eyes. Her broad shouldered furs and coats and little hats with veils made her seem even more powerful on screen; you can’t and don’t want to take your eyes off of her. Film noir movies set the tone for lead women roles in movies, so we can thank Joan Crawford for helping women get to where we are now in society. =]]

This is my spin on Film Noir, thanks to Joan Crawford

My grandma Ida’s mink stole that was left to me