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It is best to wear a jean jacket that is a dark wash because not only is it more in style than a light wash, but it will match with more things! (Light wash was very popular in the 80’s and some punks wear the denim vest look)

A light wash jean jacket is hard to find things to match. It may look OK with dark wash jean pants, but it looks better with khaki pants, black pants, or cords.

Now the equally tough part: Finding a shirt to go under the jacket. You can try a slight V neck shirt in a dark color, a graphic tee or band tee if that’s your style, a plaid oxford shirt if you’re daring, and the best option may be a polo shirt. Ralph Lauren has the brightest colored polos that make an outfit look exciting and pull the outfit together by making it look classy. Try a bright blue, an orange, or a red color. Also it might look the most flattering if you do layers. Wear a tee shirt, put on an oxford, and then put the jacket over it. Make sure you leave the oxford and jacket both unbuttoned so you look carelessly stylish!