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Don’t be afraid to wear knockoff shades or something that is offbrand. If the shoe fits, wear it!

Do elegant thick eyebrows by skipping a waxing appointment or date with your tweezers. Thin eyebrows make you look older and harsh!

Don’t dye your hair a bright unnatural color unless you want to look like a pop singer wannabe. Instead try dying a streak or one section like the underneath of your hair. It will be more subtle and chic.

Do wear a big statement necklace if your shirt is plain.

Don’t wear the same outfit two days in a row. Always have an extra outfit like a sundress or jumper stuffed in your purse so you won’t look like a hot mess the day after a party or sleepover.

Do layer your shirts, sweaters, scarves, jackets, and coats when it is cold out to add interest to the basics.

Don’t wear leggings as pants. Always wear a shirt or dress or tunic that is long enough to cover the butt and frontal crotch region of your leggings.

Do wear sweatpants if you have a big scary exam, you are sick, you have terrible cramps, there’s snow on the ground, if you are going to work out, or as pajamas.

Don’t wear an uncomfortable bra. There are so many bras that don’t have underwire, and sports bras are comfiest, so I don’t want to hear anymore complaints! Also there are flower adhesive stickers at Target that you stick over your nipples instead of a bra and they work terrifically !

Do stand out.

Don’t wear a pony tail everyday.

Do dye your hair a few weeks after you see roots coming in.

Don’t let a guy dictate everything you wear. Trust your own decisions are probably better than his.

Do look for a wedding gown that has straps because strapless is not becoming on many people.

Don’t copy another person’s outfit completely.

(For the guys) Do shave your face regularly so you don’t look scruffy and unkempt.

Don’t buy your clothes where everyone else does unless you’re ok with looking like everyone else!

Do wear socks with your sneakers or skate shoes.

Don’t wear flip flops in the winter. It just looks dumb.

Do wear a cute headband.

Don’t pop your collar.

Do stay in your pajamas all day if you don’t feel good. Just don’t leave the house! haha.

Don’t wear boat shoes unless you are on a boat!

Do make sure you have on full coverage undies if you’re wearing a short skirt or dress, just in case!

Don’t wear something that shows more than a couple inches of cleavage unless you have a smaller chest, then you can get away with more revealing cuts.

Do change purses every week or two.

Don’t go out barefoot.

Do dress to impress.

Don’t cut your fabric to this season’s trends unless they really work for you.