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Women like it when men feel comfortable in pink. It makes them seem more manly sometimes because maybe they’re wearing pink to be different or rebel against society’s rules which generally separates men from pink. I think the majority of us women find it cute when guys wear pink, because it’s not just for girls anymore. That double standard is no longer in place!

Sometimes guys want to wear pink but they don’t want to come off as feminine. Stop caring what other people think! You won’t come off as girly if you wear pink the right way anyways. If you want to try it out but you’re afraid to wear pink, start out with a lighter shade of pink that doesn’t stand out as much. Then you can work your way up to a more bright shade when you feel confident. You have a large range of pinks to choose from, ballet pink, rose, fushia, etc. Try wearing khakis, cords, dark jeans, navy blue pants, or black pants. Wear a cool jacket or blazer over your pink shirt to look extra suave. P.S. -Please don’t pop your collar unless you want to look like a tool!

Remember: If someone is self-conscious enough to make fun of you for wearing pink, they’re probably just jealous of how well you pull it off, so smile, thank them for noticing you, and continue on your merry way! (I figure I would include this since I know a lot of guys who are not always very supportive or kind even to their own friends.)