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As you know from my film noir post, I very much enjoy classic films. I love the way the actors talked and presented themselves and of course their clothing style was part of their allure. I feel like the women back then had a very elegant, innocent, chic, and almost regal vibe about them that women do not often possess today, unfortunately. We carry ourselves differently today and most people have are far too lazy to have a chic demenor, but that’s neither here nor there. I love how feminine, graceful, and effortless Audrey Hepburn looked in her movies as well as just photograghs of her being herself. She was naturally pretty and angelic; she was very photogenic. Even when she sported a pixie hair style she oozed the preciousness of a princess. She was all woman and that is what made her a powerful woman figure in Hollywood and an influence on women for generations to come. Her legacy lives on because of her beautiful femininity.

I also have a very edgy side about me which makes me appreciate the weirder things in life whether it be gore or haute couture fashion. I like horror movies, being scared, haunted houses, long nails, studs, spikes, rocker type things like leather jackets, boots, smokey eyes, and piercings. Vampira (Maila Nurmi) hosted a horror television show in the 50’s and her style has became a generic Halloween costume today, which is amazing that her influence on goth and creepy culture have survived after so many decades. She was the classic, original vampire female, yet her style was so simple it works in modern day. She wore a long black dress that was low cut and had a slit up the leg, making it scandalous in those times. She had drawn on eyebrows that arched wickedly, red lip stick, fake long nails, high heels, and jet black hair. She was photographed with hearses, skulls, umbrellas, and graveyards to make her seem even more mysterious and spooky. I like how her character had not been seen before until she created it one Halloween. Her style was daring and terrifying and new, even if it wasn’t her style in real life. I like anything that pushes the limits and sets people apart from the rest of the crowd. I think it is important for everyone to have a little bit of mystery and fun somewhere in their style. Dare to be different.