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If you want to plan a nice date for your significant other:
1:Choose a place that you guys don’t go often. This will make it more of a special occasion which is more romantic.
2:Make sure it is a date your date will enjoy. Don’t pick a sushi bar if your date is allergic to fish.
3:Don’t forget to make reservations !! Make it a couple days in advance if you think about it. I would say that people forget reservations more than anything, which is a bummer if you’re starving and have to sit around for an hour waiting.
4: Make sure your date is somewhat aware of the date even if it is a surprise because you don’t want them to be under dressed or unprepared to go out, or else you will end up having to wait on them and delay the date which could mess up reservations, etc. If it is a surprise, tell your date, “I would like to see you/It’d be cool if you were in something fancy/pretty/handsome/nice/sophisticated tonight.”
5: Dress according to how fancy the restaurant is. For a man, Wear a blazer, collared shirt, and dress pants if it’s a very nice, upscale place. You can just wear a collared shirt with dark washed jeans if it is a nice place, but not too above average. Women should stick to dresses most of the time. Sundresses or cocktail styled dresses when it’s warmer, sweater dresses when it’s cooler. Wear a nice jacket and leggings if it’s cold out. Wear nice black skinny pants or dark washed jeans with a pretty blouse like you might would wear to work. It just depends on where the date is. If you have been to the venue before, try to remember what the people around you dressed like to get an idea of maybe what you should rock. I tend to dress up more than other people just because I like to wear big earrings and do my makeup and wear pretty things that I can’t wear on a daily basis!

Date Night to P.F. Chang’s