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It’s almost getting to be too cold for leggings. Unfortunately mother nature decided to go from hot weather to pretty nippy weather within days so it has been hard to adjust to lately and I’ve heard many people say they are confused as what to wear when the weather jumps in extremes. Today is not so bad though, the sun is out and it’s decent if you have on a jacket. Anyways, leggings are great for this kind of weather! I have see-thru ones, striped ones, wool ones, holey ones, polka dot ones, blue ones, pleather ones, you name it. They’ll keep your legs from getting too chilly and they look good with lots of different tops and bottoms. Not to mention, if it is cold in the morning and warmer later in the day, leggings are the perfect amount of coverage so you won’t be too hot or too cold.

What to wear with leggings: You can wear dresses, tunics, an over-sized shirt. Short shorts or a skirt over the leggings if you just want to wear a regular shirt. Just don’t wear your leggings as pants, no one needs to see that much of your curves and lines unless you are in dance class. I must admit that I have some yoga pants that are about as tight as leggings so I feel sort of weird wearing them as pants, but at least they have a big waist band that covers a little bit more than just plain old leggings.

I really like wearing boots with leggings. It’s really chic, edgy twist on the femininity of leggings. Although, you can wear flats, heels, or sneakers with leggings because they are very versatile!