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I always liked watching Disney movies as a kid. My favorite was Lion King, but there’s really no princess in that. My favorite princess would be… well that is a hard decision. Each of the princesses is pretty in their own way. Lots of people pick the princess that they feel looks most like them. However, I am not sure I look like any of them because none of them have light brown hair and blue eyes. I guess I really like Belle from Beauty in the Beast a lot because it is set in France and that pretty yellow dress she has is nice. Snow White is also lovely with her puffy sleeved dress and I like that her hair is shorter and she wears a red ribbon if I can remember correctly. Snow White was really scary as a child too, the witch was so creepy; I loved it! Growing up, I had each of the princesses in doll form. I had Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Arial the mermaid, Jasmine the Arabian princess, Pocahontas, and Mulan. I played or acted out scenes from Pocahontas the most, but I played with my Arial Barbie more than the others.

I thought that this was a neat portrayal of what each of the princesses would wear in modern times. =p