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I ran out of my favorite lip color, Pouty by Tarte. It was a crayon stick of color and it was shimmery and razberry color. I had it for over a year!! It was organic and it tasted like peppermint. I wore it everyday so I had to get a replacement! At Victoria’s Secret I found Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in Manic Pink which is a crayon stick and it is soft textured, no scent or bad taste, and it has a hint of orange tint. I also got another shade from there called Brilliant Lip Shine Extreme in Untamed. It is a darker color, closer to the Pouty razberry shade, but it is a shiny gloss, not a crayon. I got a new concealer pencil while I was there too called VS PRO Camouflage FX Color Correcting Concealer Duo. One end is green to hide redness and the other side is beige to cover up darkness under the eyes.