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My hair is really straight and lays flat to my head naturally. So that it doesn’t look so plain and thin, I get it cut in layers. My bangs are usually swept to the side so I keep them the shortest layer. There are three layers in my hair, short, medium, and of course long. The layers make it look thicker, but they also curl up a little which give me some lift and volume to play with. I also tease my hair with a teasing comb that I got at Sally’s beauty supply store. It has a bunch of short teeth on it and I back comb my shortest layers with it so my hair isn’t as one dimensional. After I tease it, I then hair spray it. I got some Suave Extreme Hold hair spray like nine months ago and it is still lasting me! I like it a lot, it smells like candy. Of course the teasing and the hair spray make my hair not so fun to play with or touch, so guys are always telling me, “No don’t hair spray it, I like it flat!” I would rather give it some life though!

Me with my hair spray and teasing comb