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The Outfit: How to: Say that you are at a store and spot a skirt that goes with a totally matching top, like a leopard print skirt with a leopard blouse. Don’t buy the whole outfit because that is old fashioned, leave it for your grandma. The older generation also believed that you have to match your purse with each outfit, like matchy matchy, that’s a long gone idea though. You never have to buy a complete outfit. If you do, just don’t wear it together. Wearing the complete outfit is too stuffy and it’s just boring, which is not chic at all. Your style should look carefree and simple. You might think it looks safe to keep it matching, but it will really just look like you don’t know what you’re doing and that you are too scared to mix something else that is more creative and more fashionable together. Matchy Matchy = Old Fashioned.

Don't do this

Don’t do this

Do this instead

Do this instead