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The answer to the title is: Neither because they are equal. Most of the time the ingredients are the same within a name brand product and it’s generic brand counterpart. That means that the cheap and the expensive products are generally the same thing, which means neither is better than the other. I love makeup, but a lot of good quality makeup is expensive! You can find generic versions of the name brand makeup that will work just as well. Case and point: The white eyeliner pictured below. As you can see, MAC makes the same identical shade as its generic competition, NYX. I can testify that NYX is a good white eyeliner to choose from, because I own it! You can use it to highlight the corners of your eyes, or to put on the lower rim of your eye to make your eyes pop, or you can use it for a more dramatic winged eye look alongside the original black (That’s what we used to do for dance recitals.) So quit thinking you have to buy costly cosmetics, stick to a better deal on stuff if you can! You can find NYX products at Pacsun.