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I just graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Wow, saying it feels good but it still has not quite hit me yet. I majored in Parks and Recreation Management with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation! (Basically what I will be doing is rehabilitation through leisure activities.)

I was pretty excited about decorating my cap for the big day. Above is what I came up with. I made it simple with my initials at the top and yellow puffy paint spelling out “Spartan” because that is our mascot! I made sure to wear my dark blue pearls to match the navy robe as well. Since it was kind of breezy outside I had to wear my black leather boots to keep my feet warm, everyone complimented them though since most people had on high heels that they couldn’t even walk in, which was tacky. I wore heeled boots that had walked across that campus many times, it was a genuine good-bye. Oh well, I have my BS degree now.

What’s next?! What’s next on this road we call life?! *Cue dramatic music* =p