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Exfoliation should be part of your regular weekly regiment. I exfoliate my skin all year long. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth and I like the glow it creates. I exfoliate all over in the shower, every other day. Now that’s it’s summer, it’s super important to exfoliate your skin. This is crucial especially if you’re like me and lay out in the sun, this is because the sun slows the natural rate you sloth off skin. If dead skin cells stay on your skin, it creates a rough, dull look and it can cause breakouts and dryness. I know too many people who skip out on this important beauty step because they simply have not been educated on the matter (bless their hearts.) I promise that it will make you break out less, make your skin bright, and you will feel soft to the touch!

What products to use: Well, I really like the Morning Burst products by Clean and Clear and Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit scrub. They are usually oil free, they have a lot of little beads to create the perfect gritty texture, and they smell very tropical! Some exfoliants don’t have enough beads so they don’t feel like they actually work. I also don’t like the ones that have a cold or tingly sensation because I think that feels uncomfortable.

P.S: You can use the facial scrubs on the rest of your body because if you compare the label on the body scrubs, they use the same ingredients!

Here are my favorite scrubs that I use: