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I wear short shorts! Okay, so since middle school I wanted some little tweed shorts. (I know that is a hella long time ago!) Gracing the pages in Teen Vogue back then, there were always elegant waif-like models in tweed shorts, at least that is how I recall it. I just think they are so pretty and feminine and it was love at first sight, I swear. I loved how fancy and chic these shorts look. They aren’t just your everyday blue jean shorts, they can be dressed up or dressed down. This is because they aren’t super short! I love flexible clothing items that can go from casual to formal like this! It is hard to find extra small clothes for my petite frame at Forever 21, but last time I went there, lo and behold, size XS tweed shorts were right there at my eye line. I was so excited to find a pair of tweed shorts in my size after all these years, I kept looking at the tag to make sure they were actually my fit. Finally I got them, and they aren’t just your average brown or grey tweed, they are white and black tweed. I can’t wait to wear them casually with a band shirt or formally with a cute button down shirt. Eeeep, I have it all planned out!

I have this exact pair:

What they will look like on

What they will look like on