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My hair is naturally straight and hard to work with. Even backstage at a fashion show, the hair stylist was having a hard time getting my hair to stay curled, even though I sat there for two hours waiting for it to curl and having her and other stylists do things to my hair. By the time I walked on the runway, my hair just seemed full and frizzy more so than big and curly. The hair stylists for my shoot with Unigirl USA also couldn’t fight the summer heat, so my hair went flat once more! Oh well. It is difficult to curl because it is not very thick and it is long in length too. Here is the best way I have found to curl it by myself:

First, I separate it into two sections, kind of like how you would make pig tails. Then I take some gel and scrunch it into each side using my hands. I do this till my hands hurt from making the scrunching motion so much, so a couple minutes of that. Then I hair spray each side. After that I put both of the sections into little buns on the sides of my head, think Princess Leia. Lol. I spray both the buns with hairspray and then get into a hot bath for about thirty minutes, the steam from the bath helps the curliness set in. Once I get out of the bath, I leave my hair in those buns for about thirty more minutes while I put on clothes and makeup and get ready to go out. When I finally take down my hair, it has lots of somewhat tight curls! I use my hands to comb through it and make all the curls look even. I then scrunch in some more gel, and spray it again so that it will stay for a while. It usually lasts a couple hours before it falls out, which is good enough for me since my hair always falls out of styles!