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It might be a stretch, but candles have to do with fashion too! They smell nice, just like a perfume, therefore having certain candles could say a lot about who you are as a person. For example, If you have candles that are wood or cedar scents, you may be adventurous and outdoorsy. I have a lot of candles that are fruity or tropical because I love hot weather and anything that has to do with the beach atmosphere. Those scents are so relaxing to me!

I have quite a few candles from bath and body works. My favorite one from there is Caribbean Escape. It has a tropical melon, raspberry nectar, lemon, sugarcane, and of course coconut fragrance. It is the best smell ever! I even bought the air freshener version of this scent to put in my car and I have it in the form of hand sanitizer also!


My other favorite candle has an equally great smell to it. I think it might be a tie between these two scents! It is called Pink Sands and you can find it at Yankee Candle. It has a citrus type scent that is hard to explain. It has a floral, vanilla, and exotic fragrance all combined to make a really sweet tropical scent. It isn’t too strong or heavy scented so you won’t get tired of it either!