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I usually hate wearing chap stick or lip balm because I don’t like the texture or the taste very much. I always put some on my lips before bed, it is the last step in my nightly routine because I feel like it keeps my mouth soft and hydrated. I recently tried a Nivea product called Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Smoothness and I am quite impressed with it. It’s texture is super soft and the taste isn’t gross. It almost feels soothing and relaxing due to the smell and it’s softness. I actually like to use this stuff a few times a day. I like to put it on before I put on lipstick, I enjoy putting it on when I lay out in the sun because it has spf in it, and I of course put it on before I go to sleep at night. I highly recommend trying this lip product because it is the best one I have ever used. I know that the Nivea company has been around for a long time so I guess they have had a lot of time to perfect this lip balm.