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One of my friends had this nice smelling stuff she sprayed on her pillows before she goes to sleep, I thought it was really cool because I had never seen it before. Turns out it is Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist and I enjoyed the aroma so much that I got some for myself! I figured everyone needs something to help battle restless nights. It is a really soothing, sweet smell. If I feel like I am going to have trouble sleeping, I spray it over my pillow and the top of my sheets and sometimes on the stuffed animals that lay next to me. Later when it is dry, I can still smell the scent while I try to calm down and shut off for the night.

Of course, there are some nights where no matter what I do I just can’t sleep because I am too stressed or had too much sugar or caffeine, but I always try to give myself at least an hour to fall asleep. I have always had trouble falling asleep quickly, so I would like to think breathing this spray in as I am preparing for sleep is a sort of therapeutic aid that winds me down a bit. I know that when I have sprayed it on my boyfriend’s pillow, without him knowing, he has always told me he slept really well the morning after. Maybe that is just a coincidence, but try it for yourself and let me know if it works for you!