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I went to Bath and body works a couple months ago and was drawn to all their beauty products. I usually just get shower gel and lotion from the store and never pay much attention to the lip wear. I decided to try out some of their lip products so I asked the woman working about all of them. She said that the best selling gloss was Liplicious Blush Glass. I thought it looked like it would just turn out clear, but I took her word for it and scooped it up. Later on when I used it, I realized that even though it is a gloss, it is also a pink stain. I was very happy it turned out having such a pretty color and it felt moisturizing at the same time because it wasn’t dry and stiff. I would also like to mention that it tastes like bananas and strawberries to me! I wear it almost every time that I go out because it is easier to apply than a lipstick, especially when I am in a hurry and don’t have a mirror handy. Even after the shine of the gloss wears off, the stain of color is still present. It’s awesome!!