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Quote of the Day:

Many people have the wrong idea about what being a feminist means. Being a female blogger, I think it’s my job to explain to women everywhere that being a feminist is not a BAD thing. Let’s set this straight once and for all!

Being a feminist is about women and men having equal opportunities in life. People who do not understand feminism tend to think it is about women overpowering men and being mean and aggressive towards males, and that is where the negative stigma has come from. Educated people know that this is simply not the case. It is not about bashing men or hating on men AT ALL. Maybe there are some radical women out there who do feel that way, but it’s just like with anything, there are going to be groupings of people that have extremist, negative, sometimes violent views and claim to be a certain religion or member of a certain club that has nothing to do with their actions. It happens all the time. (ex: Not all Muslims are bombing terrorists, but the ones who do bomb seem to set the stereotype for Muslims, which is sad.)

So what all is feminism about then? Feminism to me is about having freedom and rights that men have always had. Such as the right to do what we want with our bodies (ex: I would want an abortion if I were to be raped, I wouldn’t want the government to tell me I couldn’t), being able to vote and have higher roles in society (ex: CEO or president of a company), and fighting sexism in the workplace so that we can be paid what we deserve (ex: I don’t think men should be paid more for the same job a woman has and does well.)

I think feminism means something different to every woman, but it was never meant to have a negative connotation. I love males, I just want to make sure that I am always treated as an equal to males, since that is what I deserve. Be a strong woman, it doesn’t make you a “bitch”, it makes you stand out. So stand up for your beliefs, you don’t want them to be taken away. You have to fight for your rights!!!