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If you are like me, or how I used to be, you probably try to savor every bit of your shower gel or shaving cream because you fear you will run out of it and not have anything to shave with. Well have no fear! My last semester at college, I remember I was at the gym with a couple of my friends talking about beauty and fashion. They shared a tip with me that I am very glad I learned. They told me that when they don’t have any shaving cream or lotion around, they use hair conditioner! After all my years of reading Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue and watching the Style Network, I had never heard of this!! I was so excited that when I went home I tried it out.

When you put the conditioner on your skin, it basically creates a silky soft barrier over top your skin which helps the blade glide more smoothly. This prevents any irritation like razor burn or cuts (I have only cut myself a couple times when using conditioner). After the shower, my skin feels super smooth because the conditioner sinks into my skin while I am shaving. The only downside I can think of is that the scent of conditioner doesn’t always smell as sweet and nice as shaving gels that come in many scents and usually last a while. I would recommend this method to anyone who shaves. If you run out of lotion or soap or shaving cream, don’t forget about your hair conditioner!