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Happy September fellow bloggers! I like to mix match things and have different things going on within an outfit to keep it interesting such as multi fabrics, colors, textures, prints, and the like.

Above I am wearing a Kirra shirt from Pacsun that is grey with tiny black and grey stripes which are hard to see in the photo. There are two seams or pleats running down the front of the shirt which gives attention to my figure. My favorite part of this shirt is that the little sleeves are faux leather!! It makes the tee shirt go from casual to chic very easily.

The necklace I chose is pink and shiny, very girly. I can’t remember where it is from, but it has a metallic heart charm hanging on a thick shear pink chain. It’s girliness counteracts the edginess of the faux leather sleeves, therefore giving my attire a balance of feminine and spunk while not going overboard with either.

The skirt is London Jean which I ordered from Victoria’s Secret. It is a skater skirt which is trending right now. I have had it a couple years and don’t wear it very much, I even let my bf wear it for halloween one year due to it’s elastic waist, haha! It’s a really shear and lightweight polyester which is why it has an extra lining of leopard material in the inside. It feels a little scratchy to the touch but it is a modest length for when going to visit your grandparents or some other professional-ish situation. =p

My shoes are wooden cutout wedges that I wear almost every day. They are earth toned so they go well with any color, not to mention they are super high and super comfortable. I don’t think they ever gave me a blister and I can even run in them!

So there you have it, this was my attempt at a young, fun, modest outfit. Tell me what you think!