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A few months back I made a trip to Forever 21, one of the most fun and affordable places to shop, if you ask me! While I was there, I saw a ton of things I wanted, but I decided to take home this nail polish. It’s Forever 21’s Love and Beauty Glow in the Dark nail polish as you can see in the above photo. The bottle is bright neon yellow! I had always wanted a bright neon color besides pink, and one that glows in the dark because that’s just awesome!! I was so excited to try this stuff out, I shook it up, then four or five coats later, I was done. I was surprised that this color did not turn out as neon as it looks in the bottle. Instead, it has more of a gold tone, which isn’t as pretty as neon yellow to me. It took a ton of coats because I had to make sure my nails weren’t showing through the polish. I am a bit disappointed in this polish, but I have gotten compliments on it. Yes, it does glow in the dark which looks really cool. It glows very bright and I am satisfied with that. =p