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I decided to post about something scary since it is Friday the 13th!!


Please don’t wear leggings as pants. I am not talking about the jeggings, leggings that are made to look just like jeans. I love my jeggings because they actually look like pants. They are thicker material, they don’t have unflattering seams on the crotch, and they sometimes even have pockets and buttons and look like jeans unless you are super up close to them or feel them. I also have some yoga pants that are very similar to leggings, but they have a band of material at the top that covers most of the crotch area, and besides, I just wear those to work out, I am not trying to make a fashion statement when I am working out!

Anyways, the point of this post is to explain that plain old leggings are NOT meant to be pants!! They are meant to be worn with an over sized shirt, big sweater, tunic, dress, or something that is long enough to cover the butt and crotch regions of the leggings. It is very silly that I have to explain this, but sadly, I have seen it all too often. In college, I saw girls being super lazy and committing this huge fashion no-no ALL the time! It was terrible. Most of those girls didn’t have a full length mirror or else they would understand how bad leggings as pants looks. It often looks awkward, too tight, tacky, and fat, lumps and rolls are made all to visible. This is not very flattering to the eye. Just throw on a long top that covers the upper portion of the leggings, it looks way more fashion forward and people won’t be gawking at your bulges and everything that needs to be tucked away.

To recap: Leggings are too thin and have awkward inseams which make them very unsightly if they are worn as pants. Please purchase a full length mirror so that you can try om cute tops which will cover the upper inseam area of your leggings. Because trust me, nobody wants to see this fashion disaster!

Remember: This is what you look like when you wear leggings as pants!