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I wore this to the mall the other day. Yes, I know that it is supposed to be outfit of the day, but it doesn’t have to be from today! =p It’s just a fun weekend outfit, not much else to it.

The pastel blue shirt is from Pacsun. I was drawn to it because it is a crop top and the bunny on it is adorbs! Uh, you can kind of see my bra under it so I might as well tell where it is from, haha! It is a hot pink wire-less bra from Victoria’s Secret.

The hot pink board shorts are Dickies. I wore them with this crop top shirt because I didn’t want to wear short shorts since my stomach was already showing, I didn’t need to show any more skin. I tried to balance it out by not showing as much of my leg. The white studded belt is from Hot Topic.

The blue jelly shoes glow in black light! They aren’t a brand that I know of, just from some shop in Boone, NC. The three quarter length crop leopard sweater is from Belks I think. My Hello Kitty necklace is from Helsinki! I love it, it was handmade so no one has the exact same one. In my hair I have lavender pastel extensions.