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I really don’t carry a ton of stuff in my purse, I try to keep it light. I make sure to switch out my purses each week so that they don’t accumulate junk like tissues, wrappers, or receipts. Cleaning out a dirty or junky purse takes forever and is no fun!

Here are the essential items that I carry everywhere in my purse:


In case you can’t tell what’s in the photo I will list it all off. There’s an umbrella, my coral wallet, portable hair brush, lip gloss, gum, chap stick, lotion, powder compact, hair bows, pens, perfume, hand sanitizer, and an emery board.

WHY carry this stuff?

Everyone should know why I carry a wallet and an umbrella. Lol. No explanation needed there.

-The lip gloss and lip balm are from Bath and Body Works. The lip gloss is glittery and it’s named Bronze Berry. The balm is lemon, 100% natural lemon. I always wear lip color or gloss, I put the balm under it so that moisture isn’t zapped.

-The lotion is from Bath and body works, it’s called Vermont Honey Apple. I love how fresh and tasty it smells. I get dry hands when it’s cold outside so I am always putting lotion on when I am out for a long time.

-The gum is the spearmint flavor by Five gum brand, it’s called Rain. I LOVE to eat onions, raw specifically. Obviously I have to chew this gum if I’ve eaten something gross and want other people to have anything to do with me. Tee hee!!

-I carry a hair brush because my hair is almost always tangled, even like an hour or two after brushing it!! I thought I had found a conditioner that really worked, but now my hair is back to it’s old ways. (Anyone want to recommend a nice, inexpensive detangler!?)

-The compact is Covergirl, sometimes I use Clinque compacts. Really anything powdery, even baby powder will make my make up stay longer and reduce shine. It is also handy to have a compact because of the little mirror.

-The hair bows are from Etsy and Hot Topic. Sometimes my hair is boring or misbehaves and I have to redirect it with a girly bow. I love bows, I often wear them just for no reason, or if I don’t have enough jewelry or other accessories.

-The pens are by Papermate. You never known when you will have to sign something or take notes or directions. Everyone should be prepared with writing material, especially us bloggers. I ❤ writing.

-The hand sanitizer is from Bath and Body works and it's the cookie dough scent!! These little bottles can actually last a few months, I had one for six months once! I have a lot of different scented ones and one has glitter in it! I carry it because I like to always be clean especially in restaurants that have filthy restrooms or if I have make up all over my hands it's a quick rescue.

-The perfume is Sheer Love from Victoria's Secret. It's a glass bottle, which isn't very practical but it is small so it fits in my purses nicely. It smells terrific and romantic and I always want to have a scent on me, no matter where I am going.

– I always have long nails, sometimes they break when I am out so I need to have an emery board with me at all times! I hate the way a sharp, jagged nail picks clothes and stabs into you if you don’t fix it ASAP. This emery board has fur on one side, which is girly and cute as heck!

What do YOU carry in your purse?!