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This is a very flirty and summery outfit and I like it because I usually don’t wear much of the color red.

The tank top is from New York and Company. It’s a satin material with adjustable straps, but it still is ill-fitting on me. Since it’s a bit big on me, I tuck it in whenever I wear it, because I don’t want it to swallow me whole. The skirt is from Miley Cyrus’s line with Max Mara. (I have a few items from her line and I like all of them!) It has a high elastic waist and it always looks super cute when I tuck shirts into it because it makes my waist look smaller. The skirt’s material is a faux jean, it looks like it’s a dark denim but it’s really a softer material that’s not as heavy and stiff. The braclet I am sporting is Marc Jacobs and I like it because it is comfortable, it doesn’t pinch my skin! It is a nice soft, rubber chain and I like the thickness of it. Not to mention, the dark turquoise color is one of my favorites!