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We all have basic beauty needs. Here are my favorite products that I use year round and consider to be essential to a fabulous life:

1) Bath and Body lip gloss in Super Mentha 2X. Can help hydrate the most dry lips, and it tastes like toothpaste!

2) Soft hair band to sleep in. I have one in every color, the green one above is the prettiest shade.

3) Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging.

4) Hair bow to fancify any outfit. The one above is a plush and leopard print one from Hot Topic.

5) Bath and Body Work’s Pumpkin Apple candle to spice up a drab room. It’s my favorite fall scent!!

6) Frog lip gloss holder and elephant hand sanitizer holder from Bath and Body Works, these are easy to reach, you don’t have to dig around your purse for them. Hang them on the outside!

7) Burts Bee’s milk and honey lotion. Light scent and all natural.

8) Cuticle oil, it’s the little clear rectangle with a black top. Keeps your cuticles from drying out and tearing!

9) Got 2b Smooth Operator hair lotion tames flyaways on a humid night out.

What are YOUR essential beauty products?!