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It is a tad bit warm here in NC. It is usually not too cold till later on this month and NO, not everyone here lives out on a farm like all the stereotypes you see of the south! Just wanted to throw that out there and clear things up cause most people don’t know a lot about this state. Lol. Anyways, the weather today is awesome and means I get to wear my summer clothes!

This is one of my favorite sundresses of all time. It is a polka dot dress from American Eagle. It’s a size 00 so if it were any smaller I’d probably bust out. It’s got sheer quality to it that is romantic and fancier than most sundresses I have. It isn’t cotton, it feels like polyester and if you pay attention you can see it has panels along the front which is pretty and the empire waist gives me the illusion of an even tinier waist. The bust is flattering because it has diagonal lines and dips to a triangle sweetheart center. The little flower three quarter length sweater is from Forever 21 and you can find it in one of my firsts posts as well. My necklace displays silver vampire teeth and it’s from Claire’s.