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It’s starting to get cool outside, keep your tan in tact with some bronzer! Natural tans are uneven and fade away once winter comes to town, so fake is the way to go. IMO, Victoria’s Secret has the best and most believable fake tanners. No one has ever questioned whether my tans are real or fake; I get compliments when using these products! Below are my top three favorite ones.

Instant tanner musts:

1) victorias-secret-beach-sexy-flawless-airbrush-instant-bronze-body-spray
This Beach Sexy spray is so fab that my boyfriend even likes to use it, but I tell him to get his own bottle! Lol. It has been my main bronzer the past couple of years. It comes out in a smooth brown tint and easily rubs in, but you don’t have to rub it in if you spray it far enough away. In smells great and I even use it on my face.

2) passionfruithibiscus
The Passionfruit Hibiscus body lotion from the Pink section also has an awesome bronzy color. You can build it up by layering on a lot, or you can use a little bit of it and see a nice shimmer. It has sparkle in it unlike most of the sprays. Sometimes I find that if I use too much, my skin gets irritated so I have to be careful.

3) original
Last but not least, this Jasmine Lime body spray (also from the Pink section), leaves a deep red brown glow that is super pretty. I love this one because it sprays on like a foam and then you rub it in and it turns into a Native American looking tan. I don’t use this one on my face because like I said, it sprays out thicker into a foam more so than other sprays. It looks very natural because of the reddish brown tone it leaves.

*** Remember that everyone has a different color skin tone and different undertones, so these instant tanners may not look how you want them to. This is why it is up to you to find ones that best suit and compliment your natural pigment! Good luck and let me know what works for you!! =p