So, I had a DREAM that I was at a fancy Marc Jacobs store (everyone knows Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer) and I was trying on a bunch of high heels. So fun.

IT WAS AWESOME! For some reason though I couldn’t find any shoes that fit just right, or that I could walk in very well, which is strange because I always wear heels in real life and walk fine in them because of all the practice. The only shoes of his that fit were some preppy bedroom shoes that I wasn’t feeling, so I left the store empty-handed. I’m not sure what that means, but it probably doesn’t mean anything in real life. I would look it up in my dream book, but it’s a tad too specific I am afraid. =p You can tell me what you think it means though in a comment!!

I thought I would post about it on here since you people probably have an appreciation for Marc Jacobs and might understand why such a dream would be sweet to have!! Have a rad weekend.

Later gaters! :3