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This weekend has been full of Birthdays. My nana’s, my cousin Kristen’s, my mom’s, and the poet Sylvia Plath’s birthday all took place this weekend. =P I will be posting photos of my outfits from this weekend soon so stay posted.

Until then, here’s a review..

I have two Pout lip stain gloss sticks from Victoria’s Secret after trying one out in the store. They are probably my favorite lip colors now! It’s a perfect glossy stain that smells and tastes good. I used them all summer and continue using them every time I go out now. They are not just a colored gloss, they leave a tint that stays on even after you eat. It’s good to wear because you don’t have to reapply it as often as regular lipsticks. If you want to be a copy cat, I believe the shades I have are called Forever Your’s and Love Always. ❤