I have wanted to try this stuff for quite a while so here it is! BB stands for Beauty Balm. This means that it moisturizes and also leaves a nice tint. I tried out the light/medium tone and it seemed to suit my pale winter skin. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it because it felt thinner or more watery than foundation, which is what I am used to using. I loved how light it felt though, it was almost refreshing, didn’t really feel like I was wearing makeup. It was pretty cool that it covered the natural redness that I have in my skin. It made everything a nice even shade and took away all the redness. I will say that if you are having a bad skin day, like have a breakout that is really noticeable, then you probably want to use a more heavy-duty makeup like a foundation, not a tinted moisturizer. I would def. recommend this BB cream otherwise, especially in the winter with dry skin making an appearance, this will keep your face even and hydrated. This stuff is cool for sure.

This is me wearing the BB tint, you can barely tell I have it on!: