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This is my take on the 1960’s feminine yet heavy eye makeup. Since I was going out, I tried to not be too over dramatic about it all. This is a more subtle take than Twiggy’s make up. When I drew on the bottom lashes, I made sure to keep them short. I wasn’t sure if I would like it very much at first, but then I tried it and really am a big fan of it. I think I will do my make up like this more often. I wore my hair in a high pony tail as well to make my overall look a little more retro.

Eyes: All you have to do is cover your lids in white eyeshadow. Then draw a curve on or above the natural crease of the lid with black liner, I used Maybelline’s Expert Eyes smudge pot in blackest black. Line the lids right at the base of the eyelashes with a liquid liner, I used one by D & G. Connect this line to the curve that lines the crease, which gives a winged effect. Coat on some mascara, use the tip to apply so that it goes on more precise. Draw on the bottom lashes with an eyeliner.

Lips: Cover your lips with foundation so that there is no color. Then line your lips with a pink color, I used Pink Frost by Palladio. Fill in your lips with a pale pink lip stick. Press on a tissue to make them look matte or add a gloss like NYX’s pink sparkle.

That’s all. Tell me what you think. I will do a more dramatic 60’s eye later on.