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Barbie’s makeup consists of black, white, brown, and pink. Everyone loves Barbie. I was always a big fan of Barbie so I decided to steal her beauty techniques. This was a really fun look and I wore it out to the mall. =p

Eyes: First, cover your eyelids all the way up to the brow with a white eye shadow. Then at the lash line with liquid black liner, draw a line that has a bit of a wing on the outer corner of the eye. In the natural crease of your lids, draw a brown curve with either a pencil or eye shadow. Then right above the brown crease, smudge on pink eye shadow. Blend them some so it isn’t too bold. Draw a little line of black liner on the lower rims of your eyes, you don’t have to go all the way across though. Next, draw on brown lashes on your bottom lash line, I used a brown liner by Revlon. Finally, put some mascara on your upper lashes.

Lips: Cover your lips with a foundation so that the color will stay on longer. Then line the lips with a pink lip liner, mine is called Pink Frost by Palladio. Fill in your lips with a nice bright pink color. I used an old Hello Kitty lipstick that I have had a long time. Then put on some gloss like NYX’s Pink Diamond.

Tell me what you think! I plan on doing this make up more often because I really like how it turned out!!