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I have a difficult time finding pants that fit and it’s sooo frustrating. I am hoping my fellow bloggers can help me out by recommending some quality jeans/pants.

In middle school, when I stopped growing, I remember being very excited to be able to wear the junior sized clothes. Most of the girls I knew had been able to fit into junior clothes since 5th or 6th grade. That was not the case for me, so I was pretty psyched to be able to wear teenage clothes. The first time I went shopping for junior sized clothes, I had no idea what I was doing and just bought pants that I thought were cute. I thought that size 0 seemed less mature because I wanted to be bigger, so I remember I got all size 3 pants which swallowed me whole. I thought size three seemed normal, most of the girls I knew were at least a size 3, and in middle school you tend to want to be as normal as possible. Lol.

I think part of me and my middle school self thought that I would grow into the size 3 pants. WELL, that was not the case… years later I am still a shrimpy size 0 struggling to fit in those old size 3 pants that I purchased like a fool. In my defense though, belts were SUPER on trend in middle school and high school, so I remember wearing belts everyday and loving it cause they are the only thing that kept my pants up. Lol. Today you don’t see many girls wearing belts, unless it is on their waists, and we are talking about hips of course.

***So I wanted to ask YOU guys where I can purchase pants that actually fit. Where do you get your jeans/jeggings/dress pants/any pants?! I have noticed that even the smallest pants I have bought end up stretching out and becoming baggy (That’s why I love jeggings so much, they are always tight.) Perhaps I just need some nicer pants, but I need to know of some AWESOME pants before I go out shopping. Let me know of your favorite pants because I really need some good ones!!!! It is about time.. Last time I went shopping I was between a size 24 and 25, the size 24 was a bit too tight, and the 25 were too big so I haven’t even bothered trying to shop since. HELP ME.