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It has been a hectic week because my birthday was the other day!! Now I am finally catching up to a new post. I am sure I will be writing less as the holidays approach. I will try to not slack off though!!

So, we are now in the middle of winter and it sucks, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to suck too.

I’ve found that mixing lotion with aloe vera makes the perfect after shower remedy for skin problems. It is also a good idea to mix these two together if you have sensitive skin or if your skin is irritated from shaving! I really like how this kind of aloe vera by Banana Boat smells so I usually mix it with a non-scented or mildly scented lotion like the Avon oatmeal one below. Oatmeal is also awesome and soothing for your skin as well. After you use this for a while, you should have less razor bumps, less itchy and dry skin, and less red/inflamed skin!!

Tell me what you think. =p Until next time, farewell!!