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It may sound dumb, but there is a right way to burn candles. Oftentimes candles burn lopsided, eating up the candle faster and wasting wax.

There is a simple fix for this though. First, get out some tinfoil. Next, wrap it around the outside of the candle like the photo below. Finally, be patient and wait a few hours.


Make sure it is wrapped around it good, you can tuck the edges of the tinfoil in towards the middle of the candle so that it hangs on the lip of the glass well. Leave the candle burning for three of four hours for this trick to work. Don’t leave the candle alone though of course, you don’t want it to catch something on fire or explode or something else scary. lol.

You will see that the tinfoil has done its magic when all the hot melted wax is an even plane across the top.

Why does this work?
The tinfoil acts as a heat conductor. It spreads the heat of the flame out to the edges of the candle so that all the wax burns evenly.

That’s pretty much all, but it’s hard to explain it. If there are questions, comment! =p