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Happy New Year everyone!!

This is a fun and cute outfit I put together the other week and just had to share it. I love it!! The lipstick top is by Kendall and Kylie’s collection at Pacsun. The pants are from Victoria’s Secret and I got them because there are wings on the butt, and I thought that was adorable. LOL. I’m tired of not having any pants that fit me good so I’ve started wearing more of my yoga pants since they don’t fall off of me. I used to wear them just to work out but I don’t care anymore!! The shoes are from Forever 21 and they might be my new faves! They are wedge sneakers made out of soft suede with studs. They are to die for!!!!! I can drive in them but they still add a couple inches to my height and can make anything look chic. I’m very excited about this outfit. =p