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So.. this freeze out is awful. I have NEVER felt temperatures this cold in my whole life. Here in NC it has been single digit degrees which is unbelievable because I’ve never experienced weather this cold and never thought I would have to feel anything this cold.. I didn’t even know I could feel this cold. I absolutely hate it!! I cannot wait for the spring to arrive. It cannot come soon enough. I’ve been wearing my warmest clothes but the wind still whips right through me and now a pipe under the house busted because it’s too cold!!!!

Here is a happy post to distract from this terrible weather.

As I have stated in older posts, I love the summery scented candles more than anything. This one smells just like sun tan lotion. 😀 I can light it, close my eyes, and imagine that it is summertime. I miss the humidity and the intense heat of the sun and wearing cuter clothes. I’ll just pretend for now!