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I have always, ALWAYS complained about how eye shadow creases and smudges so badly on me. I never actually did much about it though, probably because I was busy with school and stuff most my life. I’ve tried using foundation as a primer but it never worked that great over a lengthy amount of time. Now I found this gem at Sephora and will never turn back!


This Urban Decay Eye Potion primer in original shade, really holds up to everything I’ve heard about it. I put it on around lunch time, then applied my eye shadow as usual, well actually applied a lot more than usual to see if this stuff would really work. Later on at around 8 in the evening, my makeup was still on my eyes perfectly. No smearing, no fading, and no creasing to be seen!! I was SO excited. I will def. keep on purchasing this stuff. It is so worth it. Seriously, go try it now. =p You will not be disappointed.