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I’ve always liked clothes more than I do shoes, but when you find the perfect shoes, it is hard not to fall in love with them!!

When I hangout with friends and family I usually wear heels. I like to kind of dress up, even when other people are dressed down. I take joy in picking out outfits and looking good whenever I am around people that I care about I guess.

What do I wear on outings in the summer? Wedges!! They add a lot of height but they’re also super comfortable and very easy to walk in. Some of my first wedges I got as a kid were made out of cork with stretchy black straps, I later on got a pair that’s very similar and just as comfortable.

What I wear in the fall.. I like to wear ankle booties. My grey suede ones aren’t very high so they are more casual than most heels. I’d say they’re only two inches.

What I wear in the winter… I always wear calf high or knee high boots in the winter. I absolutely adore boots, and when you get used to wearing them, it’s hard to part with them once the warm season comes back around. I like how dressy and sophisticated they look with every outfit. You don’t even have to try when you wear boots, they make everyone look better IMO! These are my newest boots:

What I wear for casual normal days at home or when I dress down: Wedge sneakers.