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My grandma Ida always had a little tub of Pond’s in her bathroom. The scent still reminds me of her because she always smelled like it. It’s a nice clean, refreshing scent that’s hard to explain but it’s a fleural fragrance. My grandma barely had any wrinkles and her skin was super soft, I wonder if it has any relation to using Pond’s every night.

This is grandma Ida:

A few years back I decided I needed some makeup remover because I started to realize that regular face wash doesn’t do the trick on it’s own. Browsing through all the makeup remover products I came upon Pond’s. I immediately opened one of the jars to get a whiff in hopes of nice thoughts about grandma Ida.


I purchased the kind in the photo above because it is oil free. It may seem like a little pot but I’ve had this remover for years, you don’t have to use much so it lasts a long time. It removes a smokey eye and waterproof liner with ease in three or four swipes. There’s no burning or irritation either. The best part is that it really makes you feel clean of all make-up residue. And of course it reminds me of grandma Ida so that is a bonus.

Tell me if you like this product as well!