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A few weeks ago I posted about three new things by Benefit that I got from Sephora. Bad Gal lash, Sunbeam blush, and Sugarbomb lip gloss. I promised that I would post what these products looked like on my actual face and I like to stay true to my word, so here it is!


I usually don’t wear mascara, but this is what it looks like when I do. Spider lashes for the win! I didn’t put on any eyeliner or foundation because I wanted to ONLY use these three products for this post! I thought that would make it cooler. I’m not sure that the blush shows up very well but I had on quite a bit of it. It’s an orange beige type color and it’s liquid so you have to make sure it’s rubbed in well. The lips — okay I cheated a little on the lips! I put lipstick under the gloss. That’s because this gloss isn’t dark enough!!! It’s just a neutral color and I wanted to make my lips stand out since I didn’t have a heavy eye on or anything.


This is a closer look. Anyways, tell me what you think or if you have tried any of these products or anything relating to Sephora!