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It’s been snowing a TON here in NC the past two days. I haven’t seen it snow this much since elementary school or maybe ever. It’s pouring down, leaving everyone trapped at home. Southern states aren’t very prepared for heavy snow because it very, very rarely happens. We don’t have the chains on our cars or the plugs in parking decks or the big snow plows, so when it ices and snows, we have a tougher time dealing with it and it becomes dangerous. That’s all.

Anywho, I haven’t painted my nails in a couple months so I missed doing it and what better thing to do during a snow storm?! I decided to get out all my polishes and pick a pinkish hue since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Here’s what came of it:


This pink color has turned coral, probably because it’s not my most recent polish but that’s okay because coral still has pink in it! It also has glitter in it which is just as great as pink. This polish is Color Quick in Pink Pearl by Sally Hansen. It’s a fast dry nail color pen. I like it!

Tell me what you think!!